Multi-Sharp Garden Tool Sharpening Kit - Rotary Mowers

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  • Garden Tool Sharpening Kit - Rotary Mowers £12.99
Garden Tool Sharpening Kit - Rotary Mowers

This 3-product kit enables you to quickly restore sharp-as-new edges, to the correct angle, on the bluntest garden tools. The result-faster, easier, cleaner cutting of grass, roses, plants, trees & shrubs – and longer tool life.

Sharpens all types of metal rotary mower blades, tree pruners, loppers, shears, secateurs – straight & curved cutting edges; regular and long-handled shears. Also re-edges spades, hoes & lawn-edger’s making them much easier to us.



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About Multi-Sharp

MULTI-SHARP have been manufacturing tool specific sharpening devices for garden machinery and gardening equipment for over 25 years. In this time they have developed an enviable reputation for designing some of the best products on the market, subsequently extending the life and usability of some of the nation’s favourite tools.

Over the years the range of sharpening devices has increased significantly and now accommodates not only gardening and DIY products but also sharpeners for kitchen knives and scissors. It is now possible to sharpen your best-loved secateurs, loppers, shears, lawnmowers, chainsaws, drill bits, wood chisels, plane blades, scissors, knives, choppers, and many other tools that get regular use. Not only is there a tool for every job, every tool is designed to ensure that the correct cutting angle is maintained, as the original manufacturer intended it to be.

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