Automower Lawn Calculator

Do you know how big your lawn is? You might think you know, but without going out with a measuring tape or a trundle wheel, you’re really just guessing.

When you buy a rotary or cylinder lawnmower, the actual size of your lawn doesn’t really matter all that much. If you are looking at buying a robotic lawnmower though, you’ll quickly find it can actually be really important. Each Husqvarna Automower is designed to cut a certain lawn size (measured in square metres) and if you buy one which is too small for your lawn you’ll find it will struggle quite considerably and not work properly.

To help you make your decision, Husqvarna have created the Automower Lawn Calculator which will help determine which one will be most suitable for your garden. This clever system uses Google Earth imagery. Start by typing in your postcode and selecting from the drop down. You’ll see an aerial view over your postcode area and a pop-up tells you to zoom in to find your lawn. Use the plus and minus icons on the right hand side of screen to zoom in on your garden and then click the ‘I’ve found my lawn. Continue!’ button. Next you’ll need to click around the edges to mark out your lawn, and the Automower Lawn Calculator will work out how many square metres your garden is. Once you’re finished, click done and Husqvarna will suggest which models will be most suitable. You can narrow down your choice further by letting them know how complex or open your lawn is, inputting information about the slopes in your garden, and by ticking a box if you only want to see Automowers which can be used with the Automower Connect app. The suggested models will show information about how much time they would need to cut your particular garden size, and how much of the time your lawn would be Automower-free. Key features are also listed, and you can even pop in your email address to be emailed the suggested models. Once done, you’ll be able to research some costs and order away. Don’t forget to buy an installation kit too!

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