Best Battery Power Garden Tools

So you love gardening. You have a plethora of garden tools in your shed. How amazing would it be if you could use them absolutely anywhere—no strings (cords!) attached, and without the need for messy fuel?

Well, battery operated garden tools offer you exactly that. Designed for convenience, these smart and modern machines use powerful batteries to run their engines, giving you the freedom to take them anywhere—all you need to do is press the ‘on’ button!

Battery power garden tools

Before battery powered tools were introduced, there was a simple choice between petrol fueled and electric (corded) garden machinery. This offered gardeners either the convenience of no fuel or no cable—not both.

Battery powered garden tools were introduced to solve this problem. All the most reputable brands now offer battery-powered options, including Honda, Stihl, Atco, Husqvarna and Bosch.

Whatever machinery you’re after, there is likely to be battery-powered models available. Some of the most popular battery-operated garden tools and machinery include:
Grass trimmers & brushcutters
Hedge trimmers

These machines are fitted with powerful lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries which, if charged and stored correctly, rival the power of petrol and electric alternatives, meaning you don’t compromise on machine performance but gain the freedom of no cords or fuel.

Best battery powered garden machinery

All modern battery powered machinery uses cutting-edge technology, and buying a top brand from a reputable seller ensures you’re buying one of the best models available.

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