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Bosch GRA Professional Mower
Cordless garden tools currently offer outstanding levels of performance, often rivalling their petrol powered cousins in many circumstances. Bosch have invested immense amounts of time into producing the most extensive range of cordless garden tools available.

Gardening is only a chore when you don’t have the right tools. For many home gardeners this has long been a problem though, as frequently you are forced to choose between corded electric tools (which are only really suitable for use in the smallest gardens) and expensive petrol equipment (which is loud, dirty and often difficult to use).

This is why Bosch’s ever-growing cordless range for home gardeners is so important. Bosch’s cordless tools are powered via hi-tech battery technology and designed specifically for the amateur and hobbyist gardener, providing a pleasing combination of freedom to roam in larger gardens and user-friendliness far beyond the reach of any petrol tool. It is now possible to construct a complete cordless system which offers unbeatable convenience and performance in any home garden.

The advantages of cordless technology are manifold, but we can sum it up in three main points:

  • Bosch’s cordless tools are not restricted by power cables, so you can happily work in areas that would be inaccessible to conventional electric garden tools. Cordless portability is also handy in gardens replete with trees, ornaments and other obstacles around which cables can get tangled, ensuring you work with complete freedom and security at all times.
  • Bosch’s cordless tools are quiet, clean and convenient, delivering dependably exceptional results without the fumes, noise and fuss of using petrol equipment. This makes battery-powered tools particularly suited to working in urban and suburban gardens, as you won’t have to worry about riling the neighbours on a quiet Sunday afternoon!
  • Bosch’s cordless tools are easier to maintain and cheaper to run than any petrol tools, significantly reducing fuel and maintenance expenses over the years. As well as eliminating the hassle of refuelling, for example, it costs mere pennies to recharge one of Bosch’s powerful batteries, while the simplified design of cordless tools means you will also save on costly engine servicing.

Even better is that Bosch now produces outstanding cordless tools for the vast majority of routine garden maintenance jobs. And since Bosch’s powerful 10.8V and 18V lithium-ion batteries are designed to be compatible with a range of Bosch tools (including everything from leaf blowers and hedgetrimmers to power sanders and drills) you can even build a cordless system perfectly suited to your needs. Bosch’s cordless garden tools are suitable for even the most dedicated home gardener, so to help you get started we’ve picked out a few of our favourite Bosch battery-powered tools for various jobs around the garden.

Grass & Lawn Care

Probably the most important part of any gardening routine is regular lawn maintenance, so the first tool any amateur horticulturalist will need is a high quality lawn mower. Luckily the Bosch cordless range has you covered in this respect, providing unimpeded mowing in larger or complicated gardens without the fuss and expense of running a petrol machine.

Bosch Rotak Powerdrive
Compact, lightweight and surprisingly powerful, Bosch’s cordless Rotak lawnmowers provide excellent results over small to medium sized grass areas. Virtually maintenance free, they offer the utmost in clean, emission free lawn care.

This is possible because Bosch’s Rotak LI lawnmowers are powered via advanced 36V/4.0Ah lithium-ion batteries and quiet-running electric motors, which together ensure efficient cutting performance without the intrusive noise and fumes of a petrol engine. And with three models available you can select a Rotak LI mower suitable for your specific needs.

The Rotak 32 LI is the most compact of Bosch’s cordless lawnmowers, offering a working width of 32cm (12.5”) and coming with a 31 litre grass bag for impressive cut and collection performance on small to medium sized domestic lawns. The Rotak 37 LI and 43 LI, meanwhile, boast cutting widths of 37cm (14.5”) and 43cm (17”) respectively, along with 40 and 50 litre grass collectors, for efficient cutting on larger lawns. All of these machines, moreover, come with Bosch’s ErgoFlex handle system to help ensure manoeuvrability, comfort and an optimal working position at all times during operation.

But for a truly high quality finish on your lawn you will need more than just a lawnmower, so proud home gardeners may want to invest in one of Bosch’s cordless grass trimmers too! Here again there are plenty of choices available for the discerning shopper, ranging from the lightweight ART 23 Accutrim (ideal for light trimming in smaller gardens for those on a budget) to the impressively powerful ART 30-36 LI (which features a long-lasting 36V/2.6Ah lithium-ion battery and an adjustable auxiliary handle for hassle-free trimming in larger areas). What all of Bosch’s cordless grass trimmers have in common, however, is that they allow you to tidy up lawn borders and other hard to reach areas without any commotion.

Hedgerow & Shrub Maintenance

There’s more to a garden than just a lawn, of course, so it is also important to be well-equipped in other respects, especially when it comes to tough jobs like hedgerow maintenance. Thankfully Bosch’s comprehensive range of cordless hedgetrimmers is just as user-friendly as the lawnmowers mentioned above, so wild hedges, shrubs and bushes can be quickly and effectively tamed.

Bosch Isio Hand Shear
Fine tuning your hedge trimming has never been so easy with the advent of the Bosch cordless Isio and ASB shrub shears. Compactness and ease of use makes them a must-have for gardeners eager to keep their box hedging in check.

As with all battery-powered tools, these cordless hedgetrimmers are reassuringly quiet and clean running, but also provide the portability required for trimming hedgerows and dense shrubs even in tucked away spots of the garden. This is essential when it comes to hedgerow maintenance, as sometimes even routine trimming can involve cutting at tricky angles or up against walls. With the freedom and convenience provided by a cordless hedgetrimmer, however, you are guaranteed of being able to tackle even challenging trimming jobs with ease.

Bosch’s range includes machines for every situation too, so finding the right tool for your garden is simple. The AHS 35-15 LI, for instance, makes routine trimming work remarkably straightforward, with a set of 35cm (13.75”) blades and a well-balanced design ensuring ease of handling and precision cutting. At the other end of the Bosch hedgetrimmer scale we find the AHS 54-20 LI; fitted with a 54cm (21”) cutter and powered by a 36V/1.3Ah lithium-ion battery, this is a cordless hedgetrimmer capable of tackling even the toughest domestic trimming work and ideal for those with more extensive hedgerows in their garden.

For situations when precision trumps power, on the other hand, you might also want to invest in Bosch’s ASB 10.8 LI cordless shrub shear or the Isio III Shape and Edge shear. These handheld powered shears are designed for putting the finishing touches on hedges and shrubs, so are especially handy if you like to indulge in a spot of topiary now and then. The ASB 10.8 LI cordless shrub shear, for example, features a 20cm (8”) cutter, weighs only 900 grams and offers up to 100 minutes run time on a single charge. The Isio III Shape and Edge shear, meanwhile, as well as coming with a 12cm (4.75”) shrub shear attachment, is also supplied with an 8cm (3”) grass blade for tidying long grass and lawn borders, offering exceptional versatility in addition to outstanding cutting power in the palm of your hand.

Completing Your Bosch Cordless Collection

The above tools will see to most of your routine horticultural needs, ensuring that your lawn, hedges and shrubs remain tidy and beautiful year after year. But Bosch’s cordless range includes still more tools, so there are a few extra implements you might want to add to your collection for complete convenience around the garden.

The Keo cordless garden saw is one such implement, providing a simple and innovative way of handling tough pruning work. This is because the Keo uses an integrated 10.8V lithium-ion battery to power a saw blade which will cut through branches up to 60mm thick at the press of a trigger (with a detachable “A-Grip” accessory included to hold branches in place while you work). Should you need even more cutting power, however, Bosch’s award-winning AKE 30 LI cordless chainsaw – with its 30cm (12”) bar and high-performance electric motor – could well be the tool for you.

Bosch Indego 1000 Connect Robot Mower2
Sit back and let the machines do all of the hard work for you; it’s that simple nowadays. Remotely controlled and cordless, robot mowers could be the future of grass-cutting, with Bosch manufacturing 3 different models to suit garden types and customer preferences.

And when all is said and done you can even use one of Bosch’s cordless leaf blowers, such as the ALB 18 LI and the ALB 36 LI, to tidy up loose leaves, grass and cuttings quietly, quickly and effectively. From beginning to start, then, Bosch’s cordless range of high quality horticultural tools provides a convenient way for home gardeners to tackle tough tasks with the minimum of effort. So if you’re looking for a good alternative to old-fashioned petrol and corded equipment, Bosch’s battery-powered tools are definitely the best way to go.