How To Store Lawn Mower Batteries For Winter

The winter season is a busy time for gardeners. The colder nights and wetter days mean that a lot of prep work has to be done to keep lawns healthy and gardens looking their best.

But it’s not just the garden that needs attention in winter. The tools you use to maintain it do too. In this blog post, we share our expertise on how to store your lawn mower batteries for winter.

How to store lawn mower batteries for winter

Nowadays, not all garden tools are powered by fuel. Many are now powered by high-performance green, clean alkaline or lithium ion batteries. The rechargeable batteries mean that there’s no need for petrol and oil, making them a much lower maintenance option.

However, like all mower types, when winter rolls around battery-powered machines do require proper care to continue to perform as they should. Here’s our fool-proof guide that will ensure your battery stays protected.

How to store your mower battery

Remove the battery and store indoors

Perhaps the easiest way to protect your battery from the cold frosts of winter is to remove it from your mower and store it somewhere cool and dry, such as indoors.

While your mower can live quite happily in your shed, your battery is susceptible to cold temperatures which could result in the battery losing charge.

Hook your battery up to a charger

Even when stored in the right conditions, your lawn mower battery could still lose charge over the winter months due to lack of use. For this reason, we advise hooking your battery up to a battery charger (often known as a trickle charger).

Designed to stay connected to your mower battery for months on end, these handy devices trickle charge into your battery to keep it topped up without risking overcharging it.

Turn everything off

We don’t mean to tell you how to suck eggs, but this is something that has happened to a lot of us. Leaving anything on on your mower could drain the battery completely flat.

While this might not pose an issue most of the year, the harsh temperatures of winter and little use your mower will get means leaving something switched on could result in not just a flat battery, but one that will never recharge.

So, when you put your lawn mower for rest for the winter, double and triple check that all switches are fully off.

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