Best Petrol Lawn Mowers UK

Any homeowner takes pride in their garden. And what better way to take care of your lawn than with the best petrol lawn mower in the UK?

In this blog post, Lawn mower specialists, Lawnmowers Direct, outline what to consider when looking for the best petrol lawn mower for your needs and list some of the options available.

What do you need from your mower?

For anyone looking to purchase a new petrol lawn mower, it’s first important to determine what it is that you require. What you need your lawn mower to do will help pinpoint not only the best model, but also make, style and specification.

Some things to consider include:

    Grass type
    Garden size
    User ability

Once you’ve determined this, you can use these points as filters to whittle down the options to the best choices for you.

Budget is one of the biggest factors in determining which lawn mower is best for many buyers. We’ve listed some of the best options for each price point below to help you make an informed choice.

For smaller budgets

For those looking for a petrol lawn mower on a small budget, it’s not necessary to sacrifice quality.

Many top brands offer models targeted at those looking for a lawn mower on a budget. Top brands such as Hyundai and Husqvarna, for example, offer lower priced mowers which are considered to be equally as reliable as their more expensive models.

Why the price variation then? Well, the difference in specification is where the cost of a mower can alter drastically. If you only need your machine to operate in a smaller garden and over generally smooth terrain, then there’s simply no need for it to be fitted with the same level of extras that you might find on a more expensive model.

For medium budgets

For the avid green finger dedicated to perfecting their lawn or for those after a lawn mower suitable for a larger garden, there’s a lot on offer with a medium budget.

Not quite in the range of heavy-duty professional style mowers, but with a range of makes, models and specifications available, knowing which lawn mower is best can be difficult.

If you’re investing slightly more money in a petrol lawn mower, it’s important to do your research and weigh up the different specifications available before making your final choice.

With extra budget comes extra performance and ease of use. So, if you’re looking for a new petrol lawn mower on a medium budget which makes caring for your grass easier, a self-propelled option is a good choice.

For larger budgets

For those looking for a real garden investment in their mower with the ability to choose from the complete lawn mower range, the world really is your oyster when it comes to finding the best petrol lawn mower.

With a large budget available, it’s possible to tick all your requirement boxes without discounting any great mowers solely because of their price point. As such, for shoppers with larger gardens who’re after a labour-free and premium lawn cutting experience, a top of the range ride on mower is the go-to choice.

With the luxury of an exertion-free lawn cutting experience, gardeners can enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass without the hard work.

Shop the full range of quality petrol mowers from recognised UK names at Lawnmowers Direct. For more information about finding the right mower for you, contact a member of our dedicated team today!