Christmas Gift Ideas For Gardeners

It can be incredibly difficult to buy for loved ones. Unless you’re on a pretty tight budget, most people either buy or save up for the things they want most rather than waiting for the holiday season to come around. Without spending a small fortune, it can be difficult to think of anything that that person wouldn’t have bought themselves.

Garden machinery might be fairly low down on your ideas list but actually, bought for the right person this can be a highly considerate, thoughtful gift for friends or family. There’s garden machinery and tools to suit everyone, from the most reluctant gardeners, to those who need a time saving device in order to get through everything they want to in their garden.


A lawnmower is a highly practical gift; as long as you’ve got a lawn it’s something that you will need. If you know anyone who has recently moved house or started out on their own, it’s probably not something they’ve even thought about yet. After all, the grass won’t need cutting again for a few months.

The most suitable mower will depend on the size of the garden and the user. Some petrol mowers can be on the tricky side in terms of starting them, and they can also be fairly heavy. If the person you’re buying for won’t be able to cope with the physicality, you might consider a smaller, lighter electric or cordless lawnmower.

Bosch Rotak, Honda Izy, Hayter Harrier and Husqvarna machines are some of our most popular options, with Flymo being an excellent choice for sloped areas or smaller spaces.

The ultimate in lawnmower luxury comes in the form of the robot mower. These high-tech pieces of kit take all the hard work out of lawn maintenance, meaning that it’s not something the user will need to think about at all. Easy to set up and suitable for use in a range of weather conditions, robot mowers are an amazing present. As the days draw in it can be difficult to find the time to mow the lawn, but a robot mower can cut day or night, rain or shine. The clippings will be mulched and so there are no cutting boxes to empty.

Garden Tools

If you’re buying for an elderly relative who loves to garden but struggles with arthritis or weaker joints, have a look at the Radius Garden range. These tools are designed specifically to reduce physical stress and strain and maximise the amount of power. The recognisable brand colours and the innovative concept makes these a life changing product. In fact, even if you don’t have joint problems the Radius Garden range can still be a good choice.

Of course, while we’re writing this guide with Christmas in mind, a lawnmower, a chainsaw or any of the other garden tools mentioned in this post make great gifts all year round (for yourself as well as for loved ones). Christmas is one of the times you’re least likely to be in the garden, although this doesn’t mean that your gifts will be wasted – it won’t be long until the spring comes around and the garden will want sprucing up once more.

Are there any other gardening gifts that you’ve asked for this year? Have any products stood out as the perfect present for your better half? Let us know below!