Cordless Hedgetrimmers: The Clean Way To Cut Your Hedge

Hedging Cut Into A Cloud Formation
We can’t all have hedging like this in our gardens, and probably wouldn’t want to maintain it even if we could. Nevertheless, the modern cordless hedgetrimmer is now capable of dealing with this type of workload.

For a long time battery-powered tools were sneered at by serious gardeners, as typically they couldn’t compete with the power and uninterrupted operation offered by their petrol equivalents. Now though, things are changing in the world of horticulture. Modern battery technology has reached the point where cordless tools not only offer similar levels of performance to old-fashioned petrol equipment, but do so while also producing zero emissions and significantly reduced noise levels.

This combination of convenience and performance is nicely illustrated by some of the many excellent cordless hedgetrimmers on the market today, with machines now available for everyone from the humblest home gardener to hardworking professionals seeking something with which to conduct intensive hedgerow maintenance. Herein, then, we will provide a few examples of  different cordless hedgetrimmers suitable for a variety of different situations and the various advantages that battery power offers over corded and petrol machines.

Freedom to Roam: Cordless vs. Corded Hedgetrimmers

Husqvarna Battery Powered Tools2
Modern battery technology has emancipated today’s gardeners and given them the right to roam without the hindrance of power cords and cables.

Electric hedgetrimmers have, in fact, been popular among home gardeners for a long time now. Typically, however, these have been corded machines which require access to a mains power outlet, necessitating use of an extension cord in all but the smallest gardens. This is less than ideal for many people, as power cables can easily get tangled while you work, restrict access to tucked away parts of the garden and pose an accident risk when using a bladed tool. So although corded hedgetrimmers do provide an easy-to-use and fume-free method of conducting hedge maintenance in smaller gardens, they are sometimes suboptimal.

This is where cordless hedgetrimmers come in. These machines offer the same convenient cutting performance as their corded brethren but without the restriction of being tethered to a power outlet, which makes it much easier to work in larger gardens or to trim hard to reach parts of hedges, shrubs and bushes. As such you will be able to enjoy quiet, effective cutting in every part of the garden without the unpleasant exhaust fumes, excessive running costs or high maintenance demands of using a petrol hedgetrimmer.

Home gardeners are particularly spoiled for choice when it comes to cordless machines for routine hedge care. This is in part because of the impressive range of cordless hedgetrimmers produced by Bosch (undisputed masters of battery-powered horticulture among hobbyists and home gardeners). The AHS 35-15 LI, for instance, is a compact and lightweight (only 1.9kg) double-sided hedgetrimmer featuring a 35cm blade and powered by a 10.8V lithium-ion battery. This makes it perfect for tidying up unwanted growth and manoeuvrable enough that it can be used in even the most compact gardens.

At the other end of Bosch’s scale we have the AHS 54-20 LI, which boasts a more powerful 36V/1.3Ah lithium-ion battery and a 54cm double-sided, laser-cut, diamond-ground blade. This extra length and power makes the AHS 54-20 LI ideal for even the toughest domestic cutting work, while up to 50 minutes run time per charge combines with a quick-charging system (80% in 25 minutes and 100% in 45 minutes) to enable effective operation in larger gardens.

It’s not all about Bosch though, as other manufacturers have now got in on the cordless hedgetrimmer act too. This includes entry level machines like the TCK Garden THE18VLIT 56cm battery hedgetrimmer and the Flymo EasiCut Cordless 500, both of which offer effective cordless cutting for those on a budget. But there are also increasingly powerful cordless hedgetrimmers available, such as Husqvarna’s 136 LI HD50, which features an efficient PMDC 36V 4-Brush electric motor and a precision-engineered 50cm double-sided trimmer blade capable of achieving up to 3,200 cuts per minute, so now even the most dedicated home gardener can benefit from the many advantages of battery power.

Professional Cutting Power without the Fuss, Fumes and Noise of a Petrol Machine

Husqvarna Cordless Hedge Trimmer2
Professional quality performance is guaranteed from the modern day commercial grade hedge trimmers. Sustained power and performance is provided from multi-cell backpacks that provide enough energy for a full days work.

Where modern lithium-ion batteries have really made a difference is in the professional realm, as in the past battery-powered hedgetrimmers lacked the clout and staying power to deal with commercial hedge maintenance work. Recent technological advances mean that this is no longer the case though, so now even professional users have a viable alternative to conventional petrol hedgetrimmers.

What’s more, the advantages of a battery-powered hedgetrimmer over a petrol tool are even more pronounced for professional users than they are for home gardeners. This is because commercial contractors and other professional operators often use their hedgetrimmer for prolonged periods of time and in areas far from a mains power outlet, so mobility and user-friendliness are paramount.

When tending to hedges, bushes and shrubs all day, for example, the reduced vibration levels of a battery-powered hedgetrimmer helps to guard against hand-arm vibration syndrome, while decreased noise levels and the elimination of toxic exhaust fumes further ensures your long term health. These latter factors also mean that battery-powered hedgetrimmers are suitable for use in noise-sensitive areas, such as in the grounds of schools and hospitals, making these tools even more essential for the busy professional.

More and more battery-powered hedgetrimmers boast commercial-grade credentials these days, including Oregon’s HT255 and the three cordless models in Bosch’s upcoming Professional Battery range. Perhaps the best on the market at the moment, however, is Husqvarna’s 536 Li HD60X. This machine features a hi-tech PMDC 36V 4-Brush electric motor and a long lasting lithium-ion battery, which together deliver up to 4,000 cuts per minute and approximately 85 minutes of run time. A precision engineered 60cm double-sided trimmer blade and a five-position pivoting rear handle, meanwhile, combined for effective cutting in every situation.

Of course, even the 536 Li HD60X’s impressive battery life may still be an issue when tackling the heaviest workloads. This is why Husqvarna also produces two battery backpacks, the BLi520X and BLi940X, designed to ensure uninterrupted cutting even when faced with extensive hedgerows. These powerful batteries come mounted on a comfortable harness and increase the run time of the 536 Li HD60X significantly (up to 360 minutes with the BLi520X and 630 minutes with the BLi940X). They also make sure that you can move with complete freedom, even in hostile working environments. As such there truly is no job too tough for the 536 Li HD60X to handle.

Oregon Cordless Hedge Trimmer HT250
The modern day cordless hedgetrimmer mirrors its petrol powered cousins in many ways, including super-sharp cutting teeth and ergonomics to satisfy the most demanding of operators.

Battery-power, then, is truly the future of hedge care. So if you’d like to know which cordless hedgetrimmer will best suit your needs feel free to peruse the many excellent machines we sell at Lawnmowers Direct, or alternatively get in touch with our sales team on tel. 01603 255 825 who will happily answer any questions you might have.