Essential Products for Beginner Gardeners

It’s useless to pretend otherwise: the market for garden equipment is saturated with products. For the experienced gardener, this is the grown-up equivalent of being a kid in a candy store, but for the humble beginner the sheer amount of tools available to you can feel overwhelming and even put you off starting a proper garden.

That’s not to say that the countless products out there are redundant. Each and every one has its part of play in taking your garden to the next level or simply making your life that bit easier. But if you’re taking your first steps into green-fingered living, there are only a few things you need to get started.

That’s why, at Lawnmowers Direct, we’ve compiled a list of essential gardening tools for beginners.



One of the simplest tricks of the trade when it comes to gardening for beginners is to invest in a multi-purpose product. Hand tools are likely going to be what you use the most, and doing as much as possible with a single utensil will make a fast learner out of any amateur.

While there are a number of multi-purpose tools on the market, the Wilkinson Sword MultiTool Pro boasts an impressive thirteen functions, including two types of pliers, wire cutters, three different screwdrivers, saw, can and bottle openers, a small cutter, file and a screw top opener, allowing you the flexibility to move around your garden with a minimal amount of equipment.

Secateurs/hand pruners

If you’re working with shrubs in your new garden, secateurs are going to be your best friend. Before deciding what’s best suited to your garden, it’s important to know that there are two main types of secateurs: anvil and bypass. Anvil secateurs are designed more like a knife, with an upper blade that presses down onto a flat surface, which makes them ideal for cutting through dead wood. Bypass secateurs, however, work much more like scissors, with two sharp blades that press together. They are less sturdy than their anvil counterparts, but far more maneuverable.

Buying a cheap pair of secateurs, even as a beginner, is going to cause you a lot more hassle than it’s worth and ruin what should be a fun gardening experience.

Wolf-Garten have a great range of both Anvil and Bypass secateurs available, including a professional selection and a variety of sizes to suit all levels.


You can plant, prune and trim your garden to high heavens, but if it’s left a mess at the end of a windy day, your efforts can feel wasted. It’s the equivalent of painstakingly designing a stunning living area only for your family to leave their stuff over all the furniture. The classic garden rake can keep your work on display for all to see, easily sweeping away leaves and debris and giving it that beautiful finish it deserves.

The Bulldog Tools Wizard Rubber Tooth Rake is an understated but highly effective tool that can help you achieve just that. Its rubber tines make it a flexible piece of equipment that won’t cause disruption to your lawn or paths when collecting leaves or debris like a plastic-toothed option.


Gardening gloves

Gardening is a hugely rewarding hobby, but it’s hard work. If you don’t protect your hands, you could be left with unsightly blisters or even worse, injuries. Avoid exposing yourself to unnecessary risk by investing in a sturdy, reliable pair of gloves.

Whatever the task at hand, there is sure to be a pair of gloves for you. A standard pair of general purpose Bosch Garden Gloves will usually do the job nicely, but Wolf Garten also do a range of more specialised options, such as their Washable Power Tools gloves for when you’re handling something a bit more heavy duty, like a chainsaw or a hedge trimmer.


If you intend on planting or replacing anything growing in your garden, you’ll undoubtedly need a trowel or garden spade for the initial process as well as maintenance. A hand trowel is perfect for small jobs like planting herbs or taking out weeds, and there are plenty of high-quality options available on the market designed to last you a lifetime.

For a job needing a little more manpower, like digging a border or maintaining a vegetable patch, you’re going to need some variety of garden spade. There is an enormous range of sizes, lengths and weights available on the market to make sure you can get the job done without throwing your back out. Border spades are smaller and lighter, whereas a digging spade is designed for a larger build.

Bulldog Tools are renowned for their efficiency and durability. They’re even used by Monty Don! They offer a standard hand trowel as well as spades with a wide variety of lengths, handles and shapes.

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