Funnels: Why £1.99 Could Save Your Mower


We always recommend that you purchase a filter funnel with a new petrol mower. As we think funnels are so important to the ongoing maintenance of your machine, we sell our basic 4″ funnels for just £1.99. Not a lot, is it?

The reason we think £1.99 is a worthwhile investment in the long term is because it can be the difference between an easy starting engine which runs smoothly, and one you can never get going. It might sound like an exaggeration but it’s surprising how important a little funnel with a gauze can be.
Many of our customers have mentioned that their old mower worked perfectly well for 30 years without a funnel being used, but with modern mowers there is one important difference. To improve the emissions, modern mowers have much smaller jets than their older counterparts; this might even be true of the same model from a few years ago compared with today’s version. While we’re all for lower emissions and more environmentally friendly mowing, small jets get blocked very easily, causing all manner of issues.

Unless you know your way around a four-stroke engine, fixing a dirty carburettor is probably a job for the professionals. Most importantly this will not be covered by warranty, and you might well have to cover the shipping costs too. We don’t want to charge you for easily avoidable repair work, so we want to make it your lawnmower maintenance a simple task. Unless you decide to bring your mower back to us for servicing, we wouldn’t expect to see your machine again unless there’s a manufacturing fault. And not something silly like a bit of grass lodged in the jets.

Top Tips

  • Store your machine somewhere dry, and damp-free through the winter
  • Always use fresh fuel. Discard leftover fuel in fuel cans and make sure you clean them out thoroughly before reusing
  • Use your filter funnel to make sure dirt and water don’t get into your fuel system cause problems

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