What To Plant In A Winter Garden

Winter is notoriously hard on plant life, with many flowers and other garden plants becoming dormant or dying off completely.

But your outdoor space doesn’t have to be a garden graveyard during winter. Rather than put up with several months of bare branches and muddy flowerbeds, why not get creative and colourful by planting things that thrive this time of year?

In this blog post, we share our expertise on what to plant in a winter garden. Read on for inspiration!

What to plant in a winter garden


If you’re looking for something that will add a burst of colour to your garden all year round, look no further than the trusty evergreen!

Yew – Bring emerald green hues into your garden with perfectly trimmed Yew. An adaptable option, Yew can be grown successfully in most conditions. Whether in sun or shade, Yew can happily grow as long as it has adequate drainage.

Sempervivums – Small but mighty, the hardy Sempervivum is a versatile succulent that can happily grow indoors and out. They’re drought-tolerant, making them perfect for dry summers, but with the right drainage system in place they can also thrive in winter.

Holly – Known for its brilliant green and red colouring, Holly is famously known to grow well in the cold and snowy winter. If you’re looking for a beautiful year-round plant that adds vibrancy to your outdoor space, this is for you.

Hardy flowers

If you miss summer and all the floral petals during winter, these hardy flowers are the perfect solution.

Christmas rose – Helleborus niger is usually one of the first of the hellebores to emerge and flower. Usually first seen in January, this flower can be seen as early as Christmas, giving it the nickname Christmas rose.

Winter heather – If your winter garden lacks colour, winter heather is the perfect way to inject it. With beautiful dusky pinks and purples, these pretty flowers are easy to grow in pots and in the ground and are also popular with wildlife, such as bees, too.

Pansies – These low-growing, bushy perennials are the perfect way to add vibrant colours to your garden during the winter months. Some pansies have been bred to bloom in winter, so buy these to keep your garden looking great while you’re waiting for your later blooming flowers to emerge.


Winter can be hard for plant life, but some vegetables thrive at this time. So, why not make the most of your spare garden space and grow your own?

Salads – Salad might be known for summer, but they can be grown in winter too! Quick growing, salad plants are the perfect thing to grow in empty beds over winter. Salad plants such as Lambs Lettuce, Land Cress and ‘Winter Gem’ all thrive in the colder months.

Spring onions – Winter hardy varieties of spring onions are a quick growing crop that can be planted in autumn and harvested as soon as early spring.

Onions – Needing little to no care over the winter months, you can plant autumn onions and they’ll take care of themselves over the winter months.

So, what’re you waiting for? Winter is fast approaching so now is the perfect time to get out there and plant your winter garden!

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