Husqvarna FAQs

Do you own Husqvarna garden machinery, or considering purchasing from the brands range?

In this blog, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the Husqvarna range, including Husqvarna lawn mowers, Husqvarna chainsaws and Husqvarna hedge trimmers, so you have the support you need to operate your machinery with confidence.

Is the Husqvarna automower hard to operate?

The Husqvarna automower is designed to make caring for your lawn easy. Operation, therefore, is very simple.

Robot mowers like the Husqvarna automower range give you brilliant cutting results without any effort required. Once the initial setup is complete, the Husqvarna automower will take care of your lawn, with no input from you required.

Is the Husqvarna automower heavy?

No, the Husqvarna automower is not heavy. Compared with traditional push mowers, the range is much lighter with machines weighing between 7kg and 14kg.

Is my garden suitable for the Husqvarna automower?

The Husqvarna automower is suitable for most laid-to-lawn gardens, and has enough power to tackle complex spaces up to 6000 m², depending on the particular model you get. If you’re looking to buy a Husqvarna automower, we suggest speaking with a member of our team, who will be able to advise on the best option for your garden.

How safe is the Husqvarna automower?

Husqvarna’s automowers are very safe to use. We’ve written about the safety features of robot mowers, which you can read here.

Which Husqvarna chainsaw is best for me?

There’s a lot to consider before purchasing a chainsaw, from the weight of the machinery to the power. The best way to ensure you end up with the right tool for you is to consult a professional dealership. The customer sales team will have the expertise needed to help you find the right option for your needs.

Single or double sided hedge trimmer?

Husqvarna has both single and double sided hedge trimmers in its range, but which one should you buy?

Put simply, the single sided hedge trimmer is designed to tackle straight sections of hedge. It only has teeth on one side of the blade, which is often longer than double sided options. This means you can cut larger areas with one sweeping action.

The double sided hedge trimmers, on the other hand, have teeth on both sides of the blade. This makes them ideal for shaping hedges as opposed to just cutting them back.

For more information about Husqvarna hedge trimmers, check out our buyers guide.

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