Beat The Summer Lawn Drought With An Allett Complete Lawn Care System

Drought Conditions
We don’t expect your well manicured lawn to end up looking like this, but after a summer of low rainfall a back garden can end up looking a little sorry for itself and in desperate need of a little TLC – cue the Allett Mowers Lawn Care System.

The summer is when you’ll most want to use your garden, whether simply relaxing and enjoying the sunshine or hosting a BBQ for friends, relatives and neighbours. But hot, dry summer weather can also leave your lawn stressed and unhealthy, hindering growth or even causing it to go dormant until the autumn.

As such it’s important to have a lawn care calendar in place, and if you happen to own or are considering the purchasing of a new cylinder lawnmower, you’ll significantly increase your chances of year-round green grass if you invest in a machine from Allett’s Kensington range.

A worthwhile maintenance schedule includes sorting out a routine for the warmer weather during the spring and subsequent hot (sometimes!) summer months. In both cases, however, the superb Allett complete lawn care system and Westland’s high quality lawn treatments can make summer lawn maintenance a much simpler prospect.

Allett Complete Lawn Care System2
If you happen to own an Allett Kensington cylinder mower, you can equip yourself with the perfect kit to keep your grass in peak condition all year.


Mowing is obviously an important part of your summer lawn care regime:

  • Don’t cut your grass too short (never more than a third of the overall length) as taller grass is more drought-tolerant
  • Cut your grass a small amount but more frequently (around twice weekly) than you would during the rest of the year
  • Consider mulching your clippings rather than composting them to return vital moisture to your lawn

A cylinder mower, such as the high quality machines in Allett’s Kensington range, can be a very handy thing to own during the summer too. A cylinder mower creates a cleaner cut than a rotary mower, which as well providing a tidy finish helps to promote re-growth. And with the mowers in Allett’s Kensington range you can also take advantage of the superb Complete Lawn Care System accessories to further ensure a healthy summer lawn.


Lawn Irrigation
Ample hydration throughout the summer will keep your lawn lush and green, even during the driest periods of weather. Be careful not to over-water though, as this can be equally as damaging as no water at all.

Without sufficient water , in hot weather, your lawn will fade and become dull, after which grass will wilt and dry out. Then it will start to become patchy and brown, eventually going dormant (don’t worry too much if this happens – lawns will usually recover once the rain returns).

Nevertheless, as long as you are getting a little bit of rain (roughly 25mm a week) you shouldn’t need to water your lawn. Over-watering can actually damage grass, so it’s only during periods of drought that watering is necessary:

  • Using a rain gauge can help you keep track of when to water your lawn during the summer
  • Water when it’s cooler, during the morning or evening, to prevent water evaporating from the surface of your lawn
  • It’s better to water once every seven to ten days than a little bit every day: this promotes deeper root growth and a healthier lawn

Furthermore, to make sure that water reaches the grass roots you need to conduct regular maintenance to remove thatch and loosen soil. Thatch is the build-up of dead roots, leaves and stems just below the surface of your lawn. When too thick, this will prevent air and water from reaching the roots of your grass.

To make thatch-management easy, however, you can equip your Allett Kensington cylinder mower with a number of accessories from the Allett Complete Lawn Care System. Using the verticutter attachment during the spring and summer, for instance, will remove lateral growth and prevent thatch build-up. The dedicated de-thatcher attachment, meanwhile, will happily tackle even the densest thatch by penetrating the lawn surface and cutting through the thatch layer.

Another problem which you’ll need to address to ensure effective irrigation is soil compaction, as the soil in your garden can become dense over time, preventing grass from accessing air, nutrients and water. Allett’s aerator cartridge provides a great remedy to this, cutting slits in the turf to loosen compacted soil while simultaneously trimming grass roots to stimulate growth.

Weeds & Moss

Allett Complete Lawn Scarifer
One of many attachments in Allett’s lawn care system, the scarifying rake is an excellent choice for removing built up thatch, moss and detritus.

Weeds and moss can damage your lawn during the summer by competing for valuable water and nutrients. Summer is also a good time to deal with weeds, as you can remove them before they bloom to prevent seeds being dispersed.

If moss is your main problem, one solution is to use Allett’s scarifier accessory. This converts your Allett cylinder mower for use as a powered rake, lifting moss from the surface of your lawn so that the grass can breathe again.

Alternatively, you could apply one of Westland’s weed and/or moss killers. These days it’s easy to find a product tailored to your needs – from the 3-in-1 combined fertilisers, moss and weed killers to specialist treatments which target specific weeds – so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need advice on the best choice for your garden.

Feeding, Seeding & Repairing

Westland Aftercut-Even-Flo-3-Day-Green-Lifestyle
A little bit of well considered lawn care will go a long way to maintaining a healthy sward and boost your lawns resistance to draught and disease.

Since warm weather encourages your grass to grow quickly it’s often helpful to supplement your soil’s natural nutrients with lawn feed:

  • Starting your feeding regime in mid-spring will help prepare your lawn for summer
  • Apply lawn feed when soil is moist or when rain is expected
  • Products such as Westland’s Aftercut 3-Day Green Lawn Feed can be applied directly after mowing to ensure a healthier lawn

In addition to this, damaged grass or patches of lawn which need attention after moss removal can be treated with products such as Westland’s Patch Fix: a combination of grass seed, feed and top soil, applying Westland’s Patch Fix will help repair unsightly damaged grass with minimal effort (best applied in the spring or autumn).

Allett’s Complete Lawn Care System

Allett Kensington Verticutter Diagram
Knowing what treatment is best for your grass is paramount to its long-term health, yet this knowledge only comes with practice: alternatively, you are welcome to call us on tel. 01603 255 825 for expert advice.

As indicated above, Allett’s lawn care accessories provide a range of solutions to keeping your lawn healthy. Together these tools comprise the Allett Complete Lawn Care System, allowing you to customise your Allett Kensington cylinder mower for a variety of jobs in the garden.

In addition to the verticutter, aerator, scarifier and de-thatcher attachments mentioned above, the Allett Complete Lawn Care System also includes a lawn brush (handy for working in seeds and top dressing) and a ten-blade cylinder cassette (allowing you to achieve an even finer finish).

Furthermore, thanks to Allett’s “Quick Cartridge” attachment mechanism, the Complete Lawn Care System makes switching between accessories stress-free. There are therefore few more convenient ways of making sure your lawn looks great all year round.