Best Lawn Mowers In Every Price Range

There is so much to know and find out about lawn mowers and very few do. If you are a beginner to lawn mowing or if you just want to learn what mowers we recommend at every price range, this list will give you some insight.

Everyone has different lawn mowing needs, so this list is just some recommendations for lawn mowers at every price point, that will satisfy every need.

Bosch Rotak 34R Electric Rotary Mower – £124.99

The Electric Bosch Rotak 34 R with its high speed 1300 W Bosch Powerdrive motor ensures a reliable cut even under difficult circumstances. It has innovative grass combs cuts right up to the edge for a well maintained lawn.

One of the best features of this mower, is that it is easy to handle and transport. The 11.1 kg lawnmower is both lightweight and compact, making storage and usage a lot more convenient.

The Rotak 34 R has easy folding handles and a stackable grass box for compact storage, fitting comfortably in your shed or any other small space.

It is perfect for someone who is no mower-fanatic, who just wants a lawnmower with every essential feature and one they can rely on for their small to medium lawn. It is corded and therefore quiet, energy efficient, and eliminates the need to buy or store fuel; you really can’t go wrong with this mower.

Mountfield HP42 41cm hand propelled lawnmower – £179.00

At a slightly higher price point, Mountfield also produces excellent mowers. This one in particular is a versatile hand propelled lawnmower powered by a Mountfield ST120 123cc 4 stroke engine with a robust steel body with a powder coated paint finish for longevity.

It allows you to drive in mulching mode; mulching enables you to finely cut the grass clippings into a nitrogen-rich mulch which is recycled back into the lawn as a natural fertiliser, which is better for the environment.

The engine is extremely easy to start, with a standard recoil rope system. It also comes with handles, so it can be easily folded for convenient storage.

This mower is ideal for medium sized lawns, as it is easily operated by a single lever. The 46cm/18″ deck has a choice of 6 cutting height positions ranging from 22 to 65mm and will produce a great finish on your lawn. It is definitely worth the slightly higher price!

Honda HRG466SK IZY Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower – £448.00

At an even higher price, this lawn mower by Honda will fulfil all your wildest lawn dreams. If you are willing to splash the cash on one of the best mowers you will find, this one is definitely for you. The HRG466SK offers both ergonomic design and top quality performance.

Equipped with a robust deck and self-propelled drive system for efficiency and ease of use, this mower is perfect for medium to large lawns, especially those with slopes and rougher ground.

The ‘Izy’ range has a couple great quality mowers by Honda, who are known for their acute attention to detail when it comes to design and craftsmanship, offering convenience and ease of use without sacrificing top-quality performance, hence the higher price tag.

This model is self-propelled, making it much easier to mow your lawn, as it doesn’t require a work-out to use.

New for the 2020 season, the new range of Izy lawnmowers feature the latest Euro-5 compliant, four-stroke GCVx engines, which offer enhanced combustion by creating stronger turbulence inside the chamber, while also being more tolerant to lower quality fuels.

It has everything you could ever need!

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