Introduction to Bosch Battery-Powered Garden Tools

Bosch is renowned for manufacturing high-quality garden tools. And in the interest of being eco-friendly, they have expanded their range to include battery-powered tools that deliver exceptional performance.

These tools offer all the power and convenience of conventional petrol or electric garden tools, but are also:
– less expensive
– less polluting
– less noisy
– cordless and easy to use

The Bosch battery-powered garden tools range includes, among other devices:
hedge trimmers

Commercial-Grade Features

Bosch battery-powered garden tools are equipped with innovative electronically commutated (EC) motors. These differ from conventional electric motors in that they do not produce the same amount of heat or friction – significantly increasing their working life while decreasing maintenance demands.

Just as important as the motors are the batteries which power them. The 36V/6.0Ah lithium-ion batteries offer up to 30% increased runtime on a single battery charge compared to tools with conventional brush motors. They are also sealed so that they are weather-resistant.

Furthermore, Bosch’s unique CoolPack technology uses cooling aluminium fins to prevent overheating. This heat-dissipation system maintains optimal conditions and helps to double battery life. Intensive and time-consuming tasks can therefore be tackled with ease, without having to worry about the battery charge.

That being said, Bosch batteries are also capable of quick charging, reaching a charge of 80% in 30 minutes, and 100% in 42 minutes (with the Bosch CV Professional Charger).

Another fantastic benefit is that you can use the same Bosch batteries for any and all of the devices in the Bosch battery-powered garden tools range. This is a satisfyingly straightforward system, and you can switch between jobs and tools as required without any fuss.

Professional Equipment for Horticulture and Landscaping

Bosch is already established as one of the industry’s foremost leaders in garden tools, and are applying their expertise to the world of professional horticulture and landscaping with their battery-powered tools.

As part of this initiative they have released the GRA 48 and GRA 53, which are professional-grade battery lawnmowers, and the GFR 25 and GFR 42, which are commercial-quality brushcutters.

They offer precise and efficient cutting performance equivalent to that of a petrol machine, with the GRA 48 capable of mowing up to 1400m2 an hour, and the GRA 53 mowing up to 1500m2 an hour. The brushcutters are well-balanced and equipped with an ergonomic handle section, thereby maximising manoeuvrability while minimising the risk of muscle strain over long working days.

These devices utilise cutting-edge lithium-ion battery technology to deliver consistently professional-quality results. They are ideal for use in built-up urban and residential areas as they are noise-free, fume-free with low vibration levels that make them easy to use.

The Finest Alternative

Bosch battery-powered garden tools represent the finest alternative to traditional petrol and electric equipment available on the market today – without sacrificing on professional-quality results.

To learn more about the numerous benefits of Bosch’s cordless lawnmowers, click here. We also have articles on battery technology written by gardening experts. And if you have any questions, please do get in touch.