Bosch’s Professional Battery Powered Garden Tools: An Introduction

Bosch has long been a purveyor of some of the world’s leading electric garden tools for hobby gardeners. More recently this has included a variety of exceptional battery-powered tools, incorporating everything from cordless lawnmowers and leaf blowers to the powerful AKE 30 Li cordless chainsaw (as well as cordless grass trimmers, hedgecutters and shears). These tools offer all the freedom and power of conventional fuel-burning tools, but without the noise, expenses, pollution and hassle that comes part and parcel of running a petrol engine.

Bosch GRA 53 Professional Lawnmower In Use
Bosch Professional Garden Tools are the future for commercial gardeners.

Among homeowners and amateur gardeners, this advanced battery-powered equipment has established Bosch as one of the industry’s foremost envelope-pushers in terms of providing practical horticultural alternatives to traditional petrol tools. So quite frankly, it is about time they got round to applying this expertise to the world of commercial horticulture and landscaping, which is why the introduction of the GRA 48 and GRA 53 – Bosch’s new professional grade battery lawnmowers – and the GFR 25 and GFR 42 – a handsome pair of commercial quality brushcutters – is so welcome.

These machines utilise the latest in cutting edge lithium-ion battery technology to deliver consistently professional quality results, offering reliably high levels of performance, increased runtime, weather-resistance, durability, quiet operation, reduced servicing demands, quick starting, low vibration levels and fume-free operation. As such they are ideal for use in built-up urban and residential areas where noisier petrol equipment would cause a disturbance, as well as for making tough commercial work much less stressful by ensuring operator convenience at all times.

But what exactly is it that sets Bosch’s commercial grade battery powered garden tools apart from the crowd? One vital factor is that these tools are equipped with innovative electronically commuted (EC) motors, which differ from conventional electric motors in a number of important ways. Old-fashioned brushed motors, for instance, work using a stationary permanent magnet and rotating electromagnets along with carbon brushes which slide along the surface of the electromagnets. These brushes, however, wear down over time and reduce the overall efficiency of the motor.

Bosch Professional Battery Brushcutter
Emission-free garden maintenance is here thanks to Bosch’s Professional battery technology.

Bosch’s brushless EC motors, on the other hand, utilise permanent magnets which rotate around a fixed armature, with an electronic controller taking the place of the brush assembly. As a result EC motors do not produce the same heat or friction as brushed motors, significantly increasing their working life while also eliminating the majority of maintenance demands. This system also means that EC motors are more than eighty percent efficient, instead of the sixty to seventy percent typical of brushed motors. Bosch’s commercial grade battery powered garden equipment therefore offers up to thirty percent increased runtime on a single battery charge compared to tools fitted with conventional brushed motors, ensuring outstanding performance even when taking on heavier workloads.

Just as important as the motors in these tools, however, are the batteries which power them. These 36V/6.0Ah lithium-ion batteries incorporate groundbreaking features to help ensure optimal performance and uninterrupted working, both of which are essential when taking on challenging commercial jobs. Sealed cells, for instance, mean that the batteries are weather-resistant and allow Bosch’s battery-powered tools to be used and transported come rain or shine. Bosch’s unique CoolPack technology, moreover, uses cooling aluminium fins to regulate temperature and prevent overheating, thereby ensuring that even intensive applications can be tackled with ease.

This heat dissipation system also boosts the battery life, allowing them to last for at least twice as long as a battery without CoolPack technology, while an integrated LCD display on the batteries helps you to plan your working day by making it possible to check charge levels at a glance. Bosch’s batteries are also quick charging, reaching a charge level of eighty percent in only thirty minutes and one hundred percent within forty-two minutes (requires use of Bosch’s AL 36100 CV Professional charger). This means that Bosch’s batteries charge faster than they discharge, so if you have a set of spares charging while you work you will be guaranteed of uninterrupted operation for as long as it takes to get the job done.

Bosch GRA 48 Professional Lawnmower
All day power is available when utilising only 4 easily changed Lithium-Ion batteries.

All of the above translates into unbeatable horticultural performance. The GRA 53 Professional self-propelled rotary lawnmower, for instance, offers a 53cm (21”) working width and centralised height of cut adjustment for precise but efficient cutting performance equivalent to that of a petrol machine (approximately 1,500m² an hour). However, the GRA 53 Professional does this with , while also starting at the touch of a button for outstanding convenience from the moment you set to work. The GRA 48, meanwhile, is more compact to ensure ease of operation in complicated gardens, but will still happily mow up to 1,400m² an hour thanks to its 48cm (19”) working width.

And once you’re done mowing you can quickly switch to the GFR 42 Professional line trimmer for a little extra tidying in hard to reach areas, as well as for quick clearance of weeds and long grass. Should you need a little extra cutting power though, such as when faced with dense undergrowth and unruly scrubland, Bosch’s GFR 25 Professional brushcutter comes fitted with a sturdy metal blade. Whatever the job at hand, both of these outstanding battery-powered trimmers are well-balanced and equipped with an ergonomic handle section, thereby maximising manoeuvrability while minimising the risk of muscle strain over long working days.

As such Bosch’s battery-powered tools represent some of the finest alternatives to traditional petrol equipment available on the market today, bestowing the same user-friendly performance as their tried and tested domestic tools without sacrificing on professional quality results. Being able to use the same batteries for all of the machines in Bosch’s professional battery range is a satisfyingly straightforward system too, allowing you to switch between jobs as and when required with the bare minimum of fuss. So unless you like spending your entire working day in a noisy haze of exhaust fumes, Bosch’s commercial grade battery equipment may well be just what you’ve been waiting for.