Bosch’s Rotak Cordless Lawnmowers Set You Free!

You might not think that your petrol-powered lawnmower could possibly do that much damage to the environment (other than to the grass you are trimming), but various studies have shown that lawnmower emissions can be up to four times as high as those for the average automobile. In other words, using a petrol lawnmower for an hour can produce the same level of carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides as driving a car at 40 mph for 160 miles!

As well as damaging the natural environment, the hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides produced also react with one another in the presence of sunlight to form ground-level ozone. Ground-level ozone can irritate the eyes, damage the lungs and aggravate existing respiratory problems. Petrol garden power tools should be on the way out and we need to start looking for greener alternatives.

Regulators and lawnmower manufacturers have at least been working together to try and reduce the impact of emissions produced by petrol-powered horticultural machinery, but despite some progress the sheer number of petrol mowers in use every week means that these machines remain a significant source of pollution.

Bosch Rotak LI Cordless Mower
Cutting the grass has never been so clean and easy with Bosch Rotak Cordless Lawnmowers.

Some have argued that we should switch to electrical equipment for our lawn maintenance needs, such as electric lawnmowers, but in many cases, this is simply impractical. Electric and rotary lawnmowers tend not to handle thicker grass well, meaning your grass cutting width will be uneven where the grass is denser.

Corded lawnmowers, although fine for those with smaller, uncomplicated lawns, will inevitably struggle in larger gardens. On lawns abounding with ornaments, trees and other obstacles, as being tethered to a mains power outlet makes even routine mowing nigh on impossible in such circumstances.

Lawnmower manufacturers – such as Bosch – have been pursuing alternatives to traditional petrol and corded mowers, building upon advances in battery technology which mean that modern lithium-ion batteries offer a much higher energy density than the old-fashioned nickel-cadmium variety. Battery-powered and robotic lawnmowers now have enough clout to compete with their petrol-guzzling equivalents with better cordless batteries, chargers and run time. These mowers deliver fantastic cutting results without the pollution, noise and hassle that has until recently been an inescapable part of routine lawn care.

Bosch Rotak LI Cordless Mower
The Bosch Rotak Cordless Lawn Mowers always deliver a neat and tidy finish.

Cutting the grass should not be a hassle either, which is why we recommend the Bosch Rotak Cordless Lawnmower.

Take Bosch’s Rotak Ergoflex LI battery-powered rear roller rotary mowers as an example. Available with three working widths (32cm, 37cm and 43cm) for efficient mowing in a variety of gardens, Rotak Ergoflex LI mowers are driven by advanced “Powerdrive LI +” motors and quick-charging 36V/4.0Ah lithium-ion batteries, designed to ensure consistently high torque in all conditions along with brilliantly dependable grass cutting performance.

More importantly, however, is that battery lawnmowers can do this without the annoying restrictions of a corded machine or the harmful emissions of petrol mowers. Not having to stay close to a power source, for example, offers freedom to roam compared to a conventional corded machine. Rotak Ergoflex LI mowers can be used for effective maintenance of larger lawns (without having to worry about getting yourself in a tangle because an extension lead has wrapped itself around a tree trunk).

But the benefits of battery power really jump out when you compare Bosch’s Rotak Ergoflex LI mowers with their petrol counterparts. We’ll begin with pollution. Undoubtedly the biggest selling point here is that cordless mowers do not produce exhaust emissions. Quite aside from the positive environmental implications of this, fume-free mowing makes routine lawn maintenance much more pleasant and less detrimental to the operator’s health!

But pollution doesn’t just come in the form of exhaust fumes, as most petrol lawnmowers are also notoriously noisy. Petrol machines have thus long been a source of dispute between neighbours and inevitably add further to the general clamour of modern life. The quiet-running cordless lawnmowers in the Rotak Ergoflex LI range, however, significantly reduce the effects of noise pollution while also making your weekly mow a much more peaceful experience (both for you and your neighbours). Cordless lawn mowers are perfect for use in built-up urban or residential areas, especially if smog and noise are already problems.

Bosch’s Rotak Ergoflex LI mowers also offer a range of additional benefits compared to conventional petrol machines. A li-ion battery-powered mower is cheaper and easier to run and maintain than a petrol mower. For example, there is no need to waste time, energy or money on refuelling (with an extra battery to hand you can even set one charging while the other is in use, ensuring that you can mow uninterrupted for longer). The relatively simple design of Bosch’s cordless mowers also means that they are appreciably lighter than petrol machines. This combines nicely with adjustable Ergoflex handles and rubber-coated wheels for outstanding user comfort and ease of handling.

Bosch Rotak 43 LI Cordless Mower
Style meets performance in the latest evolution of the Bosch Rotak Lawnmowers.

The various machines in the Rotak Ergoflex LI range are designed to enable effective mowing in a variety of gardens, so the best choice for you will depend on your particular circumstances. The Rotak 32 LI High Power, for example, is a compact mower designed specifically for the urban gardener, with its 32cm working width and 31-litre grass collector. As such, it is small enough to be tucked away neatly in the shed, powerful enough to make mowing small lawns almost effortless and is the quietest cordless mower in Bosch’s current range. Moreover, Bosch’s clever front-mounted grass combs and the inclusion of three steps of the centralised height of cut adjustment – with settings ranging from 30mm to 60mm – allow the Rotak 32 LI to achieve excellent cutting results. The Rotak 32 LI can operate in all sorts of conditions, even when trimming long, wet grass to fulfil your landscaping fantasies.

The Rotak 37 LI Ergoflex and Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex see each feature with an increased working width (37cm and 43cm respectively) and larger grass collectors (40 litres and 50 litres) for efficient maintenance of medium-sized domestic lawns. Both machines also include the same Ergoflex handles and grass combs as the Rotak 32 LI High Power, along with six steps of cutting height adjustment (20mm-70mm) for even greater precision. The Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex even features a “leaf collect” blade designed to pick up leaves and other loose debris from your lawn, thereby ensuring a tidy finish all year round, decreasing the need for leaf blowers and pressure washers. All but the largest home gardens can be maintained with ease using one of these outstanding machines, saving you from the fumes, noise and added expenses of running a petrol lawnmower.

There are, of course, some situations in which a cordless lawn mower won’t be appropriate. Trying to maintain the sprawling expanses of a country estate, for example, will quickly become frustrating with any cordless mower (even if you have a sack full of spare batteries handy). But for anyone with a small to medium-sized domestic garden, battery power offers a viable alternative to the noise, pollution and hassle that running a petrol mower entailsBosch’s Rotak Ergoflex LI mowers are just as good for you as they are for the environment, making them a great investment in the quality of your lawn as well as the future of Old Mother Earth!