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Hayter R53 Recycler
Achieve the lush, verdant lawn that you’ve always wanted with a Hayter R53 Recycler Lawnmower. Designed with mulching in mind, they will keep your grass greener for longer utilising nothing more than the sward you’ve just cut.

You might have heard of mulching. It’s definitely becoming increasingly popular with horticulturalists around the world, professionals and amateurs alike! It’s even been officially recommended by Warwickshire County Council. How many other horticultural processes can say that? More than anything, though, mulching is a brilliant way of recycling grass clippings which also ensures a dependably immaculate finish on the surface of your lawn. But how does this work?

The first thing to realise is that grass is far more valuable than you might think. It is packed with moisture and fertilising agents such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, so every time you throw away your cuttings after mowing you are wasting something which you could be using to feed your lawn! A mulching mower combats this waste by retaining cut grass in the cutting chamber until it has been reduced to tiny particles. These are then ejected onto the surface of your lawn where they break down to release all the hidden goodness inside, with the clippings small enough to ensure that they don’t leave your lawn looking untidy. As well as providing a quick, collection-free method of conducting routine lawn maintenance, then, a good mulching mower will simultaneously boost the health of your lawn and leave a pleasingly pristine surface in its wake!

Grass Mulching Illustration
Specially designed mulching decks offer superior performance when compared to standard or combination mower decks if true grass recycling is to be achieved.

But what should you look out for when buying a mulching mower? Perhaps the best way to illustrate is to offer an example of machines which do mulching properly, such as Hayter’s R53 Recycling mowers. These hardworking four-wheeled rotary mowers – the R53s and R53a (the latter of which features a durable aluminium cutting deck for added longevity) – have been specifically designed to provide versatile grass cutting in medium to large domestic gardens, including an effective mulching mode. Designed with a 53cm cutting width and convenient electric ignition for quick starting, the machines in the R53 range also possess the three attributes most important for a mulching mower; adaptability, power and an effective cutting system.

The first of these qualities – adaptability – is very important as mulching is not always the best option for every lawn. Longer, thicker grass, for example, will be difficult to mulch, so if you haven’t been able to keep on top of your lawn care schedule lately you will need your mower to be versatile enough to cope. Hayter’s R53 models pass this test with flying colours, featuring three distinct cutting modes to help ensure effective mowing regardless of the conditions at hand; cut and collection, side-discharge and mulching. The first of these is catered for by the inclusion of a 54.5 litre grass bag, allowing you to gather clippings as you mow. A side-discharge chute, meanwhile, can be quickly opened for efficient, collection-free mowing of longer grass. For your regular weekly mow, however, mulching allows you to achieve a beautiful surface finish while also making the most of the nutrients locked inside your grass.

But for this to work you need power, as without enough oomph! your mower will struggle and may leave your lawn looking slightly ragged. Hayter’s R53 Recycling mowers are powered by hardworking Briggs & Stratton 675 Seriesfour-stroke engines though, which you can depend upon for consistently smooth-running performance. These potent engines are even complemented by Hayter’s clever Sens-a-Speed variable speed transmission system, which automatically adapts the mower’s speed between 0 and 4.7mph to match your walking pace. You thus have complete control over your mower at all times, further ensuring a quality finish every time.

Hayter R53 Recycler
Modern in design and appearance, the Hayter R53 Recycler lawn mowers offer tremendous versatility to deliver the ultimate year-round grass maintenance package.

More important than anything, however, is your mower’s cutting system. As well as holding clippings in the cutting chamber for longer than a standard mower, a mulching mower must be able to produce cuttings small enough to break down quickly, thereby preventing the build up of thatch so that your lawn can absorb nutrients, moisture and air. On Hayter’s R53 mowers the solution to this is simple but effective. Clippings are held in the cutting chamber by removing the grass bag and inserting a mulching plug into the rear of the machine. To ensure that clippings are reduced effectively, moreover, Hayter has used computational fluid dynamics to optimise the design of their cutter blades. The rotary blades in R53 Recycling mowers are therefore sharp enough to facilitate efficient mulching while also delivering a low-noise, low-vibration user experience.

What this adds up to is a range of lawnmowers which are just as easy to operate as they are versatile and practical, making routine lawn maintenance effortless and ensuring that the valuable moisture and fertilising agents in your grass cuttings don’t go to waste. Hayter’s R53s and R53a are also exceptionally well-built machines, with sturdy bodywork and high quality components providing years of reliable performance. But if you are thinking of joining the mulching party there are a few additional tips you might want to follow to ensure optimal results:

  • As noted above, mulching mowers will sometimes struggle with longer grass, so to ensure effective mulching it is important to mow regularly;
  • Do not cut by more than one third of the height of the grass blade when mowing as this can damage the lawn, leaving it faded and yellow;
  • If you do need to shorten grass by more than this then do it over two or more sessions with a gap in between so that your lawn can recover;
  • Keep your mower blade sharp! This is important with any lawnmower, of course, but with a mulching mower it is more important than ever;
  • Mow more slowly than you would when not mulching and vary the direction of mowing as you work to help ensure even distribution of cuttings cross your lawn.

With these tips in mind and a decent mulching lawnmower by your side, such as Hayter’s R53 Recycling mowers, you will find that your lawn looks better and grows more vigorously than ever. This also all but eliminates the need to use additional fertilisers on your lawn too, so mulching can save you money as well as time and effort in the garden! So if you’re the kind of person who likes quick, easy, stress-free lawn maintenance with a dependably tidy surface finish, you’ll probably want to hop on the mulching bandwagon as soon as possible!