Honda HRX Lawnmowers : The Honda Guarantee of Quality and Satisfaction

Honda Power Equipment
The badge that says it all and stands for only one thing: quality. So much so in fact, that Honda have implemented their own criterion: the Global Honda Quality Standard.

Honda’s founder, Soichiro Honda, was an exacting man by anyone’s standards and once told his employees the following; “We have to aim for 120% product quality. If 99% of the products we make are perfect, that would seem like a pretty good record. However, the customers who become the owners of the remaining 1% will surely consider their products 100% defective. It is unacceptable that even one customer in a thousand – even one customer in ten thousand -should receive a defective product. That’s why we have to aim for 120%.” Mathematically inclined readers might note a mild problem with Mr. Honda’s hyperbolic percentages, but this little speech has nevertheless served as a basis for Honda’s quality control policy ever since.

This is why Honda now has such an enviable reputation for creating high quality machines and delivering consistently excellent customer service. And to ensure that this level of excellence is maintained, Honda has even implemented the Global Honda Quality Standard; designed to enhance the quality of Honda-brand products manufactured and sold worldwide, these standards are used by all Honda facilities so that all Honda customers can benefit from the company’s extensive expertise when it comes to delivering a superior user-experience.

HRX Series Lawnmowers

But how does this dedication to quality manifest itself in practice? Let us turn to Honda’s superb HRX series rotary lawnmowers for an example. Hardworking machines capable of mowing lawns of any size, Honda’s HRX rotary lawnmowers are tough, quiet and clean running, easy to operate and brilliantly effective at cutting grass in a variety of settings. All of these qualities are rooted in Honda’s quality control system, which has become an integral part of the company’s tradition of producing cutting edge horticultural tools suitable for home gardeners and professional users alike.

Honda’s policy of working in close conjunction with suppliers and dealers, for instance, ensures that the components used in Honda machines are of the very highest quality, with designs tweaked and modified according to the feedback received. And for evidence of this, we need look no further than the precision-engineered rotary cutter blades used in HRX series mowers.

Honda HRX476QX Lawnmower
Honda HRX Lawnmowers are renowned for their rugged reliability and excellent grass cutting capabilities. It is Honda’s ongoing commitment to quality that earns them their deserved reputation as a leader in the horticultural equipment market.

Bendy Blade Design

Designed to bend rather than break if they hit a hard object to boost safety, these specially designed offset twin-blades also cut grass into far smaller particles than conventional mower blades. This reduces the amount of space taken up by clippings in the collector, thereby enhancing overall collection performance and allowing HRX series mowers to tackle heavier workloads. Thus even the compact HRX 426 SX, with its 42cm cutting width and 60 litre grass catcher, is capable of maintaining medium sized domestic lawns with pleasing efficiency, while heavier duty models, such as the HRX 537 HY, boasting its 53cm cutting width and an 88 litre grass bag, offer superb performance on larger lawns.

An added effect of the optimised HRX blade design is that it enables efficient collection-free mowing when using a lawnmower fitted with Honda’s clever Versamow selective mulching system (available on selected models). This system takes advantage of the smaller cuttings produced by HRX mowers to fertilise your lawn as you mow, with clippings dropped back down onto the lawn to break down and release valuable moisture and nutrients. Even better is that Versamowallows you to adjust the amount of grass being mulched via a single easy-access lever, with excess grass gathered neatly in the collector, thus providing a mix of mulching and collection that few other mowers can match.

Honda HRX Double Blade
The blade design of a Honda HRX Lawnmower is unique to Honda and serves a double purpose: the first is of course to cut grass, the second to bend on accidental impact, thereby saving the engine crankshaft.

Durability and Power

Honda’s rigorous quality control also helps to ensure the longevity of HRX lawnmowers, as the parts used in Honda machines are carefully sourced for reliability over time. But when it comes to making these machines truly tough, it’s Honda’s aggressive durability testing that counts most. This process, for instance, resulted in the development of Polystrong® and Xenoy®. Created specifically for the cutting decks of HRX lawnmowers, these innovative materials are lightweight yet impressively sturdy, offering exceptional resistance to impact damage and corrosion along with a level of manoeuvrability atypical of heavier aluminium and steel decked machines. Such lightness is particularly valuable when using one of Honda’s hand-propelled HRX mowers, including the HRX 426 PD and the HRX 476 PK, as it prevents muscle strain when tackling heavier workloads.

Similarly dependable excellence is delivered via Honda’s hardworking four-stroke engines, which are renowned for outperforming competing models. Honda is, after all, the world’s leading manufacturer of four-stroke engines, with an enviable history of innovating new engine technology, so we shouldn’t be too surprised that Honda engines are the best!

The 160cc and 187cc single-cylinder engines used in Honda’s HRX lawnmowers, for example, are built using a pioneering combination of a compact combustion chamber, an overhead cam configuration and uniblock construction. This makes these engines lighter and more compact than any other engine in their class, while also offering significant reductions in noise and emission levels. Additional features include the world’s first general purpose engine internal timing belt and an automotive-style auto-choke system, which boost reliability and facilitate quick starting respectively.

Honda GCV 160 OHC Engine
A Honda 4-stroke petrol engine is the power unit of choice for professional and domestic users alike, offering superbly efficient performance characteristics coupled with economy and easy starting.

Unbeatable Quality and Superb Customer Satisfaction

The overall result of this is that Honda’s HRX lawnmowers are quieter, cleaner and smoother-running than almost any comparable machine on the market today, ensuring an improved operator experience and reducing the ecological impact of keeping your garden well maintained. And with the self-propelled SMART drive® and hydrostatic variable-speed mowers in the HRX range, such as the HRX 476 VY and the HRX 537 HY, you will even be able to take on challenging terrain and extensive lawns with pleasingly little fuss.

So although the company’s founder, Soichiro Honda, is now busying himself in the Great Workshop in the Sky, his legacy lives on in Honda’s ongoing commitment to delivering unbeatable quality and superb customer satisfaction. The HRX lawnmower range is no exception to this rule and once you get your hands on a machine like, say, the feature-packed HRX 537 HZ (with its variable speed selection, 53cm cutting width, Roto-stop® blade brake, electric key starting and Versamow system), you’ll soon come to appreciate the benefits of Honda’s stringent quality control standards.