The Honda Way: The Joys of Honda’s HRX Lawnmowers

Honda has a longstanding reputation for doing things: “The Honda Way”. This is the name given to the principles which inform all of Honda’s business activities and which all Honda employees are expected to understand. The key to this philosophy is the “three joys” which Honda have identified based on “a commitment to make products of the highest possible quality at an acceptable cost”; the joys of creating, selling and using the various high-quality products in the Honda range, including everything from the cars and motorcycles upon which the Honda name was established to the company’s now extensive array of garden machinery.

Honda HRX Lawnmower In Use
Using a Honda HRX lawnmower is always a pleasure, so much so that you’ll never tire of cutting the grass again

Following “The Honda Way” has allowed Honda to become one of the world’s most recognisable brand names, with the company’s products renowned across the globe for their excellence. And whichever way you spin it, reliability is a big part of this. Honda has even been voted number one for reliability in the automobile industry on a number of occasions, including winning the annual What Car? and Warranty Direct Reliability Survey for an unprecedented eight years in succession. Philip Crossman, Managing Director at Honda (UK), emphasises this reliability as something at “the heart of all our research, development and manufacturing processes”, along with the desire to deliver “an enjoyable and hassle-free Honda ownership to all our customers, from the moment they purchase, right through the lifetime of the car.” 

Here at Lawnmowers Direct, however, we’re more interested in turf care than cars, so how do the Honda lawnmowers stack up compared to their automobiles? To examine this proposition further we will turn to Honda’s HRX four-wheel lawnmowers, which are designed for effective cutting on lawns of any size, along with superb user convenience and unbeatable reliability. They make the perfect test for how well “The Honda Way” translates into the garden.

The first and most obvious benefit that a Honda mower has over its competitors is that Honda is the world’s leading manufacturer of hi-tech, compact four-stroke enginesAll Honda engines are therefore quieter, cleaner and smoother running than a conventional petrol engine, regardless of whether they’re being built for a sports car or a lawnmower!

Honda HRX Lawnmower Mowing Grass
There’s a Honda HRX lawnmower to suit every shape and type of garden

As such the engines in Honda’s HRX lawnmowers incorporate a range of features to enhance ease of operation and boost reliability, such as compact combustion chambers for increased fuel efficiency and automotive-style auto-choke systems to facilitate quick starting. In the case of the entry-level models in the HRX range – such as the hand-propelled HRX 426 PD and the HRX 476 PK – this ensures long-lasting cutting performance and an admirably tidy finish.

In the case of the self-propelled models in the HRX range, however, these powerful Honda engines also eliminate the need to push your mower, saving considerable time and effort on larger lawns and challenging terrain. These self-propelled petrol lawnmowers include everything from the powerful HRX 426 QX (a rear roller petrol mower designed to produce a great finish for the classic stripe effect) to the luxurious, feature-packed HRX 537 HZ (a more potent machine with variable speed selection, a cutting width of 53cm, electric key starting and a clever Versamow™ selective spreading system that makes it the ideal mulching lawnmower). The variety of drive systems available for Honda’s HRX mowers is yet another benefit of Honda’s design processing, making it easier than ever to find a machine that suits your needs.

Single-speed models such as the HRX 426 SX, for instance, are great for maintaining large lawns, with the steady forward momentum they provide ensuring an even finish every time. Honda’s SMART drive® and variable-speed mowers, meanwhile, such as the HRX 476 VK and the HRX 537 HY, allow you to quickly adapt the performance of your HRX lawnmower to suit the terrain at hand. This added control makes it easier to mow in areas with complicated lawn borders, as well as around obstacles such as trees and ornaments. Combined with the ergonomic handlebars and stabilising wheels featured on all HRX mowers, this finely tuned speed adjustment also ensures that you stay in complete control at all times. Whichever drive system you choose, however, you can depend on Honda’s advanced engine technology to make even the most demanding mowing work simple.

Honda HRX Smartdrive
Fingertip control is part of the HRX experience with select Smartdrive® mowers

Part of the reason that Honda engines are so reliable is that they’re manufactured using only the highest quality materials and components, with all of Honda’s production workers being experts in the manufacturing processes required. This same quality is evident throughout the design of the HRX machines. Their precision-engineered cutter blades, for instance, are made to bend rather than break if they hit a hard object, thereby improving operator safety and preventing damage to the mower’s crankshaft. Honda’s unique Polystrong® and Xenoy® cutter decks, meanwhile, are lighter than steel or aluminium, offer fantastic resistance against rust and impact damage, and increase the working life of your lawnmower by over ten years.

This superb toughness means that Honda’s HRX lawnmowers are famous for their durability, capable of providing many years of outstanding service. The longevity of these machines is underlined further still by the fact that every machine in the HRX range comes supplied as standard with a seven-year domestic warranty, which ensures free repair or replacement of defective parts over the warranty period (in accordance with each product’s terms and conditions). The IZY lawnmowers range from Honda offers great value for money without sacrificing performance. The Honda IZY HRG 416 SK comes equipped with a durable steel cutting deck and is ideal for medium-sized lawns and the HRG 466 XB izy-ON self-propelled cordless lawnmower with low noise, zero emissions and long battery life – so you can put away your charger.

But Honda machines will also keep going for far longer than this if properly maintained, with some of the mowers we service here at Lawnmowers Direct still going strong after twenty years! As such, investing in a Honda HRX lawnmower is an investment in the long-term quality of your lawn.

But the big question, of course, is how do Honda’s HRX lawnmowers score on the “three joys” scale? Well, as the above suggests, they are certainly the product of a passion for effective, user-friendly lawn maintenance. And here at Lawnmowers Direct, we take great pride in selling such hardworking machines, with our sales team always happy to offer expert advice about the best lawnmower for your needs. That just leaves you, the user; however, with the outstanding convenience and cutting power offered by Honda’s HRX four-wheel lawnmowers, we’re pretty certain that you’ll find using them a joyous experience from start to finish.