Honda Izy Mower Troubleshooting

Like any machinery, your lawnmower could encounter problems. This troubleshooting page is designed to answer the most frequently asked questions and provide guidance to Honda Izy Mower owners when unexpected issues occur.

What to do if your Honda Izy lawnmower won’t start

So your Honda Izy mower won’t start…but why? First things first, you’ll want to carry out some initial checks before assuming the worst. Easily fixable problems which could be the reason your Honda Izy mower won’t start include:

    1. Choke not on


    1. Insufficient fuel


    1. Carburettor fault


    1. Plug wire off


    1. Incorrect fuel


    1. Fuel valve off


    Low compressions

Once you’ve carried out these basic checks, try restarting your mower. The Honda Izy mower is a well designed machine with a reputation for reliability but If you’re still having issues, it’s best to consult a Honda mower maintenance specialist who will be able to carry out thorough diagnostic work.

How to adjust the carburettor on your Honda Izy mower

If your lawn mower isn’t running correctly, it could be due to the carburetor. With time and wear, the carburetor adjustments on your mower can alter and require necessary adjustments. Adjusting the carburetor when needed will ensure you achieve optimum performance from your Honda Izy mower.

Adjusting the carburettor:

Step 1 – Start your mower engine and allow it to warm up over a 5 minute period. Turn the engine off and remove the air filter from the top of the engine.

Step 2 – Locate the idle adjustment screw, which you can find just below the fast idle cam.

Step 3 – Restart the engine and turn the idle adjustment screw half a turn in one direction. If the engine sounds as though it’s about to cut out, try the other way.

Step 4 – Turn the idle adjustment screw until it reads the correct RPM (stated in your Honda Izy handbook).

Step 5 – Shut the engine off and replace the air filter.

What to do if your Honda Izy mower is struggling to cut grass

If your lawn mower feels laboured when its cutting your grass, it’s important to take action. Left untreated, a Honda Izy mower which is struggling to cut grass can lead to broken parts or, worse, engine damage.

If your Honda Izy mower isn’t cutting correctly, there’s a few things worth checking:

Blade standard – are your blades sharp and undamaged?
Blockages – has wet grass and mud led to machinery blockages which stop components from moving as they should?

Once you’ve carried out these checks, if your mower is still struggling to cut grass, consult a Honda maintenance specialist.

For more information about the Honda Izy lawn mower, contact the team at Lawnmowers Direct today.