Honda IZY: Make it IZY-pIZY to mow your lawn!

It might not be obvious when you see it written down but “IZY” is not pronounced “iz-ee” as in “izzy wizzy let’s get busy” (the magic words often uttered on behalf of popular ursine glove-puppet Sooty by various members of the Corbett family). It is in fact supposed to be pronounced “ee-zee,” as in “easy,” because Honda’s IZY range of four-wheeled rotary mowers is developed specifically to make mowing your lawn as uncomplicated as possible, offering high quality, user-friendly lawn maintenance solutions suitable for everyone. Stylish, tough and easy to use, IZY mowers do have something a little bit magical about them though, so perhaps we should forgive the ambiguity of their shared name.

Honda IZY Mowing Grass
Mowing your grass with a Honda lawn mower has never been so IZY!

The members of the Honda IZY family, like the members of any family, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so the right IZY mower for you will depend on your specific needs. What all IZY mowers have in common, however, is a design which draws upon Honda’s many decades of engineering excellence to ensure long lasting performance and unbeatable user convenience. Well known as being pioneers of four-stroke engine technology and for being the world’s single biggest engine manufacturer in this class, Honda’s clean running, quiet and dependable 160cc OHC four-stroke engines give IZY mowers an instant advantage over their competitors. Throw into the mix smooth-running wheels for added manoeuvrability, pressed steel cutting decks capable of resisting impact damage and corrosion, high airflow grass collectors which optimise collection performance and cleverly designed blades which twist rather than break upon impact with an obstacle: you have a range of machines which – if not quite magical – are at least very, very good at cutting grass.

What more could you want from a lawnmower than grass cutting efficiency, after all? Choice over propulsion system and cutting capabilities, you say? Well happily Honda’s IZY range will see you right here too. For those with smaller, flatter gardens Honda’s hand-propelled IZY mowers offer a brilliant combination of control and convenience, allowing you to work at your own pace while producing a brilliantly tidy finish on your lawn surface. The two push models in the Honda IZY range are the HRG 416PK – which boasts a 41cm/16” cutting width and a 50 litre grass collector – and the HRG 466PK – which comes with an increased 46cm/18” cutting width and a 55 litre collector. Both are perfect for use in smaller gardens, though the extra cutting capacity of the HRG 466PK means that it is able to tackle medium sized lawns too, while both also feature an easy-to-use six-step cutting height adjustment system to help ensure precision.

Honda IZY Mowing Grass
Honda manufacture an IZY mower to suit every lawn size and type.

For those who like their machines to do the hard work for them, however, Honda also produce a variety of IZY mowers featuring self-propulsion systems. This includes the HRG 416SK and HRG 466SK, which are identical to the HRG 416PK and HRG 466PK but with an autodrive system included for a steady forward speed. This can be very handy for those with slightly larger gardens or undulating lawns, where using a hand-propelled mower can become tiring. Those with lawns in excess of 300m2, meanwhile, will benefit from the added efficiency offered by the HRG 536D’s 53cm/21” cutting width and sizeable 61 litre grass bag. As an alternative to collecting clippings, however, you might choose to opt for the Honda IZY HRG 466 SKEX (no longer available), which is a version of the HRG 466 SK supplied with a mulching kit as standard.

If mulching appeals to you though, you will want to investigate the slightly more advanced mowers in Honda’s IZY range, as these machines offer the same increased cutting width as the HRG 536D plus variable-speed self-propulsion and a clever Versamow selective mulching system in addition to all of the standard features found on the rest of the IZY range. The Versamowsystem is particularly handy for those who like a multi-talented lawnmower, with an adjustable aperture between the cutting area and the grass bag allowing you to switch quickly between grass collec tion and mulching modes via an easy-access lever. Once mulching is activated your IZY mower will cut and re-cut grass until it is reduced to miniscule particles, which are then ejected onto the lawn surface to serve as a natural fertiliser. Mowers with mulching capabilities can therefore boost the health of your lawn over time as well as delivering a tidy finish.

Honda IZY Lawnmower
Style, durability and performance are hallmarks of the IZY range.

The machines in the IZY range featuring this Versamowsystem are the HRG 536VK and HRG 536 VL. Like the HRG 536D these mowers boast a 53cm cutting width for efficient maintenance of larger lawns, though they also come with even bigger grass collectors to save time and effort when taking on heavy workloads. Other than their mulching capabilities, the main difference between these mowers and those we have discussed so far is the inclusion of a SMART Drive® system; designed to give the operator fingertip control over ground speed for improved handling when mowing around trees, ornaments and lawn borders, SMART Drive® allows you complete control over the speed of your Honda mower up to a maximum of 3.7mph. Between SMART Drive® and Versamow, then, these mowers offer exceptional versatility along with convenience, power and long lasting performance, while the HRG 536 VL even features electric ignition (in addition to a traditional recoil starter) to save time and effort from the moment you set to work.

The IZY range of four-wheeled rotary mowers isn’t magical, then, but thanks to Honda’s brilliant design and engineering it might well be the next best thing. Whether in a small city garden or on a much larger, undulating lawn which would usually take a lot of time and effort to maintain, these machines will definitely make mowing much less of a chore. And thanks to their pressed steel cutter decks and top of the range components an IZY mower will last for many years if properly maintained, making it just as much an investment in the future quality of your lawn as it is a horticultural tool. So if you need an effective solution to all of your lawn mowing problems you would do well to investigate the exceptional performance of IZY mowers,  as with one of these machines lawn maintenance is always (if you’ll indulge Honda’s unusual spelling) IZY-pIZY-lemon-sqIZY.