Which Honda Mower is Best For Your Gardening Needs?

Honda is one of the world’s best-known manufacturers of lawn mowers and gardening equipment for both domestic and professional use.

Its technology is always cutting-edge, but it’s always important to buy the right mower for your garden or intended usage to get the most out of your machine. Purchasing the most high-end professional mower for a garden of only a few square metres, for example, would be a colossal waste of money.

Luckily, Lawnmowers Direct is here to provide much-needed clarity on which Honda mower is best for your type of garden. In this blog, we’ve broken down Honda’s various lawn mower ranges to help you make the right decision.

Small gardens and low budgets

Sometimes, power and versatility simply aren’t necessary—but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a poorly manufactured and low-performance machine. Honda understands that many people have small and low-maintenance gardens that simply require a reliable and user-friendly lawnmower to get the job done.

The HRE range, including the Honda HRE 370 Electric Rotary Mower and the Honda HRE 330 Electric Rotary Lawnmower, is affordable, lightweight and straightforward: simply plug in and go! Its whisper-quiet operation and zero emissions makes the HRE range perfect for city gardens, where noise and air quality are key concerns.

Hassle-free use

So you’ve got a larger plot of land and a little more money to spare, but who can really be bothered with a complex lawnmower that requires lots of effort and maintenance? Thankfully, a bigger garden doesn’t have to mean more time spent slogging away at the grass.

Honda’s IZY range of mowers is exactly what it says on the tin—easy! Models such as the Honda HRG 536 SK IZY feature an easy-to-use starting mechanism and SMART Drive® variable speed control to make mowing a piece of cake.

But if you really want to minimise the time and effort your garden maintenance takes, why not invest in a robotic lawnmower? Honda’s Miimo range of robot mowers are capable of covering surfaces of up to 4000m²!

Complex terrain

Hills, bumps, rough edges… how do you find one mower capable of dealing with so many different types of terrain? Answer: you opt for one with built-in versatility.

The HRX range from Honda represents the very latest in customisable lawnmower technology. Machines like the Honda HRX 426 QX allow the user to easily adjust the cutting height between 19mm-55mm and is capable of taking on any gardening task.

You might also consider the Honda HRS 536 SK Mulching Mower, which features six different cutting heights and two types of grass collection: mulching or side-discharge.

Professional applications

If you’re thinking of starting a landscaping business, or your existing machine has gone kaput and you’re in need of a replacement ASAP, Honda manufacture a fantastic range of heavy-duty lawn mowers for commercial use. These include the Honda HRD 536 QX Rear Roller, perfect for achieving a neat striped effect and the HRH professional range.

Of course, many professional users might also prefer a ride-on mower, in which case Honda’s HF 1211 HE ride-on machine is capable of effortlessly dealing with lawns of up to 2,000m2.

Hopefully this has helped point you in the direction of your ideal Honda lawn mower. If you’re still in a browsing mood, shop our entire range of Honda mowers here.