Honda Mulching Lawnmowers: Treat Your Lawn To The Best

Mulched Blades of Grass
The mulching of lawn grass has risen in popularity over recent times, so much so that virtually all lawnmowers sold nowadays have some sort of compromised built-in mulching function.

Everybody knows that we should be trying to recycle, what with the looming possibility of environmental catastrophe and all. For most people this simply involves sorting out bottles, cardboard and other packaging for the council to pick up fortnightly. But the green-fingered among us know that recycling encompasses far more than just separating glass from plastics. This is because any gardener will have to deal with large quantities of green waste over the year, with most of it going on bonfires or compost heaps. But every 100m² of lawn can yield roughly 95kg of grass clippings every year, with 90% of this weight water and 5% made up of valuable fertilising agents such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. It would therefore be a mighty shame if you couldn’t find some way to use your grass clippings more effectively.

But that’s why mulching was invented. Mulching, in this context, refers to the use of grass clippings to feed your lawn and represents an important alternative to traditional cut and collection mowing, allowing you to save time and effort otherwise spent on clipping disposal as well as bolstering the health of your lawn. To make this possible you’ll first need the help of a dedicated mulching mower, such as Honda’s HRS536 SD or any of the exceptional machines in the Honda HRX537 or Honda mulching mower range. Like all  rotary Honda mulching lawnmowers, these machines are easy to use and reassuringly efficient, even on larger lawns. But these mowers come with the added bonus of a mulching mode into the bargain.

Honda HRS536SK Mulching Lawnmower In Use
The Honda HRS536SK Mulching Mower is a high quality mulching lawnmower with a cutting deck specifically design to provide optimum recycling results.

We’ll turn to the HRS536 SD to illustrate exactly how the mulching process works. The HRS536 SD is a self-propelled four-wheeled lawnmower driven by a powerful 160cc Honda GCV160 four-stroke engine. What makes it stand out from other mowers is that it offers two distinct cutting modes. The first of these is side-discharge, wherein cut grass is ejected from the mower’s side chute and onto the lawn. This collection-free method of cutting, combined with the HRS536 SD’s 53cm working width, cuts down on hard work when mowing larger lawns, especially in long, dense grass (where mulching isn’t realistically possible). As such side-discharge is particularly handy for occasional mowing when you have no need to dispose of clippings, offering the ultimate in efficient grass-cutting.

Close the side chute to activate the mulching mode, however, and the HRS536 SD becomes a slightly different beast. It still offers a quick, effective and collection-free method of maintaining medium to large lawns, but now you’ll be able to achieve a remarkably tidy finish and fertilise your lawn into the bargain. Closing the side chute traps clippings in the cutting chamber, wherein they are reduced to miniscule particles and dropped back down onto your lawn. These tiny clippings then break down and release valuable moisture and nutrients to feed your grass, ensuring healthy future growth. Furthermore, the mulched clippings produced by mulching are so small that they are practically invisible to the naked eye, so your lawn’s surface will be left immaculately tidy.

Honda HRS536SK Mulching Lawnmower_Fitting Side Discharge Chute
A side-discharge chute enables the Honda HRS536SK to tackle grass conditions that are far from ideal: longer grass or orchards can be cut without fear of overloading the engine.

As a result of this dual cutting functionality the HRS536 SD is equally effective whether used to tame overgrown areas of grass (when side-discharge comes into its own) or conducting routine maintenance on domestic lawns. What else can the HRS536 SD do? Well, in addition to offering you a choice over the cutting mode the HRS536 SD boasts an easy-to-use cutting height adjustment system, featuring six positions ranging from 25mm to 87mm. This makes it even more versatile on a range of lawns and perfect for use on properties where conditions vary from place to place, such as smallholdings or large homes with paddocks or orchards in addition to a domestic lawn.

But maybe you fancy something with a few more bells and whistles? Well in that case let us introduce you to Honda’s HRX537 range. A series of user-friendly four-wheeled Honda mulching lawnmowers packed with a variety of special features, the machines in the HRX537 range offer the same impressive versatility as the HRS536 SD but with greater levels of convenience and control thrown in. Powered by Honda’s hardworking 187cc GCV190 four-stroke engines, HRX537 mowers boast a working width of 53cm and spacious 88 litre grass collectors as standard to enable clippings to be collected for disposal. This makes them perfect for all mowing tasks on medium to large domestic lawns.

But the machines in the HRX537 range also feature Honda’s clever Versamow selective mulching system. This system enables quick selection of a mulching mode via a single easy-access lever, so you can switch to collection-free cutting whenever you need to without compromising on a tidy finish. The Versamow system uses two patented technologies to achieve this. The first is called MicroCut, whereby Honda’s Versamowmowers use two blades instead of one to ensure that clippings are reduced as effectively as possible. The second is the Versamowsystem itself, comprised of an adjustable aperture plate (a sort of sliding door) between the cutting chamber and the grass bag which allows you to mix between mulching and collection depending on the extent to which you open (or close) the aperture. This helps to avoid leaving too thick a layer of mulch on the lawn and suffocating the grass roots, with excess cuttings gathered in the collector.

Honda HRX Versamow
Honda’s unique Versamow™ mulching system allows the ultimate versatility when recycling grass clippings. A lever control provides very accurate settings, whatever the conditions.

With this innovative system, straightforward seven-position cutting height selection (20mm – 100mm) and variable speed adjustment, HRX537 mowers therefore offer complete control in the garden. And with three different models available – the HRX537 VY, the HRX537 HY and the HRX537 HZ – it is easy to find a mower suitable for your needs. All three models feature a safety enhancing RotoStop® blade brake clutch and an auto-choke, but each model offers a few unique options too. The HRX537 VY, for example, features Honda’s SMART Drive® system to enable progressive speed control up to 3.5mph so that you can tailor the working speed to suit the situation at hand. The HRX537 HY and the HRX537 HZ, on the other hand, feature Honda’s tried and tested hydrostatic transmission, with infinitely variable speed settings available at the switch of a lever. Of these latter two machines the HRX537 HZ stands out in particular for featuring a quick-starting electric ignition system, thereby offering exceptional convenience from the moment you set to work.

But while all of these Honda mowers offer something distinct of their own – from the HRS536 SD’s exceptional efficiency to the hi-tech convenience of the HRX537 HZ – they are united by their shared mulching capabilities. This sets them apart from the vast majority of conventional lawnmowers, offering a brilliant alternative to standard cut and collection mowing. The versatility of a mower with a mulching mode therefore means that you will be able to achieve great results on lawns of all kinds, while mulching is also the easiest way to fertilise your lawn while you mow. Honda’s mulching mowers are therefore an exceptional tool for simultaneously keeping your lawn in pristine shape while also ensuring that it grows strong and healthy for years to come.