Why you need to service your lawnmower before the cutting season

Spring is the season in which your garden comes back to life after the cold winter months.

As you witness the first few indications that summer is on the way, everything from flower beds to grass lawns begin to grow at a considerable rate.

But before you start cutting your lawn this spring, there’s one crucial lawnmower component which you should get serviced.

Why you need to service your mower in Spring

A lawnmower, like any piece of machinery, requires regular upkeep to continue performing to its maximum potential. Whether you have a manual push-mower or a ride on, there’s one thing which needs to be replaced ready for spring.

And that’s the blades. All lawnmowers have them—they’re what cut the grass!

Spring is notoriously important for lawn care. There’s a fine line between doing too much and doing too little, and if you don’t get it quite right you can end up with a far from perfect lawn by the time summer comes around.

Cut your lawn to within an inch of its life and it runs the risk of going sparse, patchy or, worse, being overtaken by moss. Cut your grass too short to early and, if another cold snap hits, your grass will show signs that it’s paid the price.

When it comes to cutting your lawn in the spring, it really is about little and often. This is because it’s generally advised that you cut your lawn on a high cut setting for the first few times to harden up the top of the grass blades.

All of this means that your lawnmower is going to be in use on an almost weekly basis. You might not be cutting much off your grass, but the lawnmower is still running and the blades are still cutting! That means that the relevant maintenance still needs to happen.

What maintenance should you carry out

Apart from regular servicing, in the spring it’s essential that you replace your lawnmower blades.

To get your lawn off to the best possible start in preparation for the summer months, you want to be giving it the best possible cut.

If you’re working with blunt blades you run the risk damaging the individual grass blades, which will lead to a shoddy cut and, ultimately, an unhealthy lawn.

With fresh, sharp new blades intact you’ll be able to give your lawn the crisp cut needed to prep and prime it as much as possible in anticipation of the summer months.

Where can I get maintenance done?

You can purchase and fit lawnmower blades yourself from Lawnmowers Direct.

However, you should only attempt to fit new blades yourself if you feel confident that you know exactly what to do.

If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself then you can take your mower and new blades to a certified lawnmower maintenance and servicing provider will be happy to help.