Bosch Rotak Lawnmowers Make Mowing Easy

Electricity! For millennia now it has fascinated humankind with its awesome power and by allowing us to stick balloons to things with static, though it is only relatively recently that we have come to harness it effectively. But what exactly is electricity good for? If you ask gods like Zeus, Jupiter and Thor they’ll probably tell you that it’s best used for smiting unbelievers, but thanks to science and Ben Franklin’s questionable decision to fly a kite during a thunderstorm we now know that electricity is pretty useful for a whole load of other things too. One of electricity’s most important uses, for example, is powering Bosch’s superb Rotak Electric Lawnmowers so that mowing the lawn becomes a dependably hassle-free experience.

Bosch Rotak 32 In Use
Bosch Rotak lawnmowers are so clean and so easy to use, you’ll never fret about mowing again.

Bosch Electric lawnmowers such as these offer many advantages over old-fashioned petrol machines and with Bosch’s reputation as a pioneer in the world of electrical power equipment you can trust a Bosch tool to get the job done. So if mowing the lawn seems like a wearying chore at the moment, you should investigate the Rotak range of wheeled rotary lawnmowers as soon as possible. Designed to be lightweight, supremely manoeuvrable, easy to operate and straightforward to maintain, Bosch’s Rotak Electric mowers provide a quick and efficient method of maintaining small to medium sized domestic lawns without any of the hassle, fumes or excessive running costs of using a petrol machine.

This is partly because electric lawnmowers are renowned for being much simpler than their petrol equivalents and the convenience this offers will save significant time and effort over the life of your Bosch machine. The first and most obvious way in which this is true is that an electric lawnmower starts up at the push of a button, so you aren’t required to mess around with a tricky recoil starter before you set to work. Nor does an electric mower need refuelling, so you won’t have to deal with petrol fumes or unexpected spillages every time you need to mow the lawn. The simple design and noted dependability of Bosch’s Rotak lawnmowers also means that maintenance is kept minimal; simply keep everything clean and sharp and your Rotak mower will produce top quality results for years to come.

Electric Lawnmowers

Equally vital for many users is that electric lawnmowers don’t produce the same excessive levels of noise and pollution that petrol machines do. A Bosch Rotak mower is therefore far more environmentally friendly than its petrol competitors, while the absence of toxic exhaust fumes makes mowing the lawn a much more pleasurable experience. The quiet performance of Bosch’s electric lawnmowers may also be appreciated by homeowners in towns and other residential areas, as there is nothing which will stoke a neighbourly feud like a noisy, fume-belching petrol mower roaring into life on an otherwise peaceful Sunday morning! So if you’re looking for a lawnmower that will keep you, your neighbours and Mother Nature all happy at once then a Bosch Rotak Electric lawnmower is definitely the way to go!

And since there are a fair-old-variety of models available in the Bosch Rotak Electric lawnmower range it’s easy to find a machine perfect for your needs. For those looking to keep things as simple as possible, for example, the corded Bosch Rotak 34 R is an exceptional choice. With its 34cm cutting width, 40 litre grass collector and powerful 1,300W Powerdrive motor, the Rotak 34 R delivers effortless mowing, even in long grass. This is in part due to the innovative grass comb system featured on all Rotak mowers, pulling grass into the blades for effective cutting along the edges of walls, flower beds and lawns. On the 34 R this feature combines with six-step height of cut adjustment, thereby ensuring magnificent precision every time. The only possible downside you’ll encounter with this machine is that you’re restricted by the length of the power cord, so the Rotak 34 R is best suited to maintaining smaller domestic lawns.

Bosch Rotak Lawnmower Cutting Grass
The Rotak mowers can even tackle moderately long grass if the need arises, with good results

As such, those with slightly larger gardens or lawns replete with obstacles (e.g., trees, shrubs, ornaments, etc.) may want to consider the many virtues of the Rotak 34 Li Ergoflex. Powered by a hi-tech 36V/2.6Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the Rotak 34 Li Ergoflex offers the same impressive cutting power as the 34 R but without the restriction of a power cable. Thus the Rotak 34 Li enables efficient mowing of larger lawns without having to run extension cords across the garden, making routine lawn maintenance much simpler and safer in the process; with a spare battery to hand you can even mow fairly sizeable lawns with ease! Similarly practical, the Ergoflex handle included on this mower ensures comfort and ease of handling for the operator and can be quickly adapted to a variety of working positions. This means that you can always find a working position perfect for your posture, thereby preventing strain during prolonged periods of operation.

Bosch also produces Rotak lawnmowers with increased cutting widths for even quicker and more efficient cutting of overgrown grass, with many of these machines also boasting a variety of clever performance boosting features. In addition to its added cutting capacity, for example, the Rotak 40 Ergoflex features a generously proportioned 50 litre grass collector and a powerful 1,700W Powerdrive electric motor to enhance overall cut and collection performance. The Rotak 40 Ergoflex is therefore more than capable of competing with traditional petrol lawnmowers in terms of productivity, but with the added user-friendliness characteristic of Bosch machines. Furthermore, the Rotak 40 also features a cleverly designed “leaf collect” blade so that you can pick up autumn leaves from your lawn, further ensuring a pristinely tidy finish in your garden all year round!

Whichever Rotak you choose, however, all of these machines are remarkably lightweight and manoeuvrable. For example, the three Bosch Rotak mowers we’ve mentioned here – the 34 R, the 34 Li Ergoflex and the 40 Ergoflex – weigh in at a mere 11kg, 12.9kg and 12.4kg respectively. This added manoeuvrability makes achieving an accurate cut easier than ever, especially when combined with the smooth running wheels and integrated carry handles with which Bosch Rotak Electric lawnmowers are equipped. Bosch’s Rotak Electric lawnmowers are therefore among the most convenient available on the market today, so for an eco-friendly and hassle-free mowing experience there really is no better choice.