Pixies, Imps and… Spirit Lawnmowers?

Folklore and fiction is full of stories about household spirits – from Scottish brownies to Russian domovoi – which both help and hinder the humans with which they share their homes. There are some other “Spirits”, however, about which folk stories have little to say. These spirits lurk in garden sheds throughout the country, sitting silently in wait for someone to enter so that they can burst into life and do what they do best… mow lawns. Here, of course, we are discussing Hayter’s Spirit 41 series of compact and stylish rotary lawnmowers, all of which are much more user-friendly than your average phantom or spook.

In fact, the Hayter Spirit Lawnmower 41 range is comprised of machines so helpful that they make Casper the Friendly Ghost look like an obstinate malingerer by comparison. There’s plenty of variety in this range too, with petrol and electric models both available and multiple options offered in terms of the propulsion system and lawn care equipment with which different versions are equipped. All Spirit 41 mowers, however, are designed to be powerful, reliable and manoeuvrable so that maintaining small to medium sized domestic lawns is always reassuringly effortless. All machines in this range come with a 41cm (16”) cutting width, front-mounted enhancement fins and centralised seven-step cutting height adjustment, which together deliver precision and consistently outstanding cutting results.

Thanks to the inclusion of a full width rear roller on selected models, moreover, this impeccable finish includes the crisp striped effect recognised globally as a sure sign of a well-maintained lawn, so with a Spirit 41 mower your garden will soon be the envy of the neighbourhood (whereas an actual ghost will, if anything, put off houseguests). The generously proportioned 55 litre grass bags supplied with these machines, meanwhile, can be quickly removed for collection-free rear discharge mowing, offering a practical time-saving alternative to standard cut and collection. As such the only things that these “Spirits” will haunt are the nightmares of overlong grass.

We’ll begin our review with the Spirit 41 Electric hand-propelled rear roller lawnmower 615, as this model probably best embodies the convenience for which Hayter mowers are rightly renowned. Like most domestic “spirits” the Spirit 41 Electric is typically tethered to your home (albeit via a 17m power cable rather than anything particularly mystical), so won’t be suitable for those with larger gardens. Nevertheless, having the Spirit 41 Electric around will definitely make your life easier because mowing the lawn with this machine is obscenely straightforward; simply plug into the mains and then you’re ready set to work. Being electric also means that the Spirit 41 Electric is quiet and clean running, making it far more environmentally-friendly than many competing mowers, as well as helping to ensure that you don’t annoy the neighbours when mowing on a Sunday morning!

Hayter’s Spirit 41 Electric is therefore ideal for anyone seeking a simple way of achieving a luxurious finish in a small domestic garden. Those with slightly larger gardens or those who prefer the old-fashioned power of petrol driven machinery, however, have the option of investing in one of Hayter’s petrol-powered Spirit 41 mowers instead. These machines offer the same outstanding cutting performance as the Spirit 41 Electric but with added freedom to roam, so with these mowers you won’t be restricted by the length of the power cable. The petrol-powered models are still better suited to maintaining small to medium sized gardens rather than extensive estates, but their extra mobility does mean that you won’t need an extension cable when trying to trim the grass in hard to reach corners of the garden.

Hayter produces three petrol versions of the Spirit 41; the Spirit 41 Push 617, the Spirit 41 Autodrive 619 and the Spirit 41 Four Wheel 616. The first of these, the Spirit 41 Push, is very similar to the Spirit 41 Electric but with a powerful Briggs & Stratton 500 series four-stroke engine in place of the electric motor. It remains lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, however, ensuring a pleasingly accurate cut when mowing around trees and other obstacles. The Spirit 41 Autodrive, on the other hand, features a powerful self-propulsion system for a forward speed of 2.5mph. This makes mowing on uneven ground much less strenuous as you won’t have to do all of the hard pushing work yourself, so anyone with an undulating lawn will find this model a lifesaver.

Finally we have the Spirit 41 Four Wheel 616, which (as the name suggests) offers something a little bit different to the rear roller models we’ve mentioned thus far. Designed to be able to tackle rougher grass than the other models in the Spirit 41 range, the Spirit 41 Four Wheel features large, smooth running rear wheels with rubber tyres in place of the rear roller. This means that it won’t produce the same striped effect as the other models in the range, but if you are simply trimming back areas of longer grass rather than a fine lawn then the extra manoeuvrability and traction offered by the rear wheels could serve you well.

As with the Spirit 41 Electric, then, Hayter’s petrol-powered Spirit 41 mowers are so handy it’s almost spooky. Unlike their ethereal namesakes, however, these “Spirits” are rather sturdy manifestations. Built with a unique combination of a lightweight aluminium skeleton chassis and an ABS polymer underdeck, Spirit 41 mowers are more than capable of withstanding the various knocks and bumps inevitably incurred while mowing the garden, yet remain light enough to ensure ease of handling. Furthermore, all Spirit 41 mowers come with Hayter’s lifetime guarantee against engine crankshaft bending thanks to featuring a clever friction disc on the cutter blade to guard against impact damage. These machines will thus provide many years of superbly dependable service.

So unlike the ghosts and ghoulies of horror stories, there’s nothing to be afraid of with Spirit Lawnmowers. And as with all Hayter mowers the Spirit 41 range has been designed to utilise the best of traditional mower design along with a variety of modern manufacturing innovations, resulting in lawnmowers which offer quality results at an affordable price. So when the grass in your garden is starting to get a little wild, don’t call the Ghostbusters, call us instead and we’ll get you set up with the Hayter Spirit 41 lawnmower perfect for your needs.