Stihl Leaf Blowers & Vacuums: A Buyers Guide

Want to keep your lawn in perfect condition through the autumn/winter period? Leaf blowers and vacuums make light work of leaf litter and other fallen debris to provide you with a pristine garden without the hours of hard labour manually raking piles.

If you’re looking into buying a leaf blower or vacuum, Stihl has some great options. This well reviewed brand has leaf blowers and leaf vacuums suitable for all garden types and budgets.

Keep reading for our complete buyers guide to Stihl leaf blowers and leaf vacuums!

What is a leaf blower/vacuum?

It’s a common misconception that leaf blowers and leaf vacuums are the same thing. But there is infact one key difference between these two garden machines.

Leaf blower: A leaf blower is a gardening tool that propels air out of its nozzle to move garden debris, such as leaves.

Leaf vacuum: Leaf vacuums, on the other hand, have a motor that produces suction. This forceful air intake sucks leaves and other debris up into the machine nozzle and into a collection point ready for disposal.

Leaf blower vs leaf vacuum – Which is best?

But which of these machines is a better buy? The answer depends on one main thing – whether you want to create a large pile of debris for collection or would prefer the debris to collect into the machine.

Although a leaf vacuum kills two birds with one stone, both removing the leaves from your garden and collecting them, they aren’t always practical for larger areas.

The collection point on a leaf vacuum is relatively small. Therefore they are ideal for small amounts of debris. But if you’re clearing a larger area, a leaf blower which collects all the debris into one large pile which you can then clear up manually is a better option.

Which leaf blower/vacuum is best for me?

It’s not just whether you want your leaves blown into a pile or vacuumed up that you need to decide before making your purchase.

There are lots of Stihl leaf blower and vacuum models to choose from, offering different transmissions, power, costs and more.

Here’s just some of the features to consider when selecting your Stihl leaf blower/vacuum.

Transmission: Leaf blowers and vacuums are available in numerous transmission types, including electric and petrol. You need to consider whether you’d prefer a plug in or cordless electric blower/vacuum or petrol operated machine as a first priority.
Tool size: Another key consideration is the size of the leaf blower/vacuum. If you require the machine for larger tasks, you will need a bigger machine. There are handheld and backpack options available, and it’s important to ensure you are comfortable with the tool’s weight.
Garden size: You also need to consider the size of your garden when making your purchase. If you have a small garden, there is no need for a tool designed to complete tasks in large areas. Likewise, if you’re working in a large garden, you need a tool powerful enough to complete the job at hand.

The size of your garden will influence the transmission you choose. Electric-powered machines have come a long way, and now stand up to the power of many petrol alternatives. With that said, petrol-powered models are considered more powerful and therefore better for larger areas.

Find more guidance on choosing the right leaf blower or vacuum for your garden here.

Price: Of course, the budget you have for your new leaf blower or leaf vacuum needs to be considered when choosing a machine that’s right for you. Here at Lawnmowers Direct, you can find competitively priced Stihl garden machinery which comes complete with our full after sales support service for an extra piece of mind.

Lawnmowers Direct stocks a range of quality Stihl leaf blowers and leaf vacuums, with something for everyone.

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