Long-Reach Hedgetrimmers | No More Wobbly Ladders

Tallest Hedge
Mmmm… a tall hedge indeed! Fortunately, few of us have anything like this to contend with in our own gardens. However, long-reach hedgetrimmers certainly make the task of maintaining tall hedges a much easier prospect .

Ladders are undoubtedly a practical way of reaching things in high places. They have been for a very long time; Jacob famously dreamt of one in the Bible, for instance, while pictures of primitive ladders have been found in a Spanish cave dating from over 10,000 years ago. Neither Jacob nor Neolithic Iberians, however, ever had to use a powerful hedgetrimmer while perched atop their ladders.

Yet this is a hazard faced by home gardeners and grounds maintenance professionals around the world every day. And a serious hazard it is too, with falls from ladders causing an average of 14 deaths and costing the UK economy approximately £60 million every year. So if you are conducting hedge care at a height – such as when trimming tall hedgerows or shrubs – it is vital that you invest in a long-reach hedgetrimmer.

Long-Reach Hedgetrimmers & Pole Pruners

The advantages of long-reach hedgetrimmers are many and various. Most important though is that they allow you to trim tall hedges from a safe standing position and thereby eliminate the need to rely upon rickety ladders. Owning a long-reach hedgetrimmer will therefore significantly reduce the risk of accidents while engaged in tricky hedge maintenance work.

A long-reach hedgetrimmer will also make challenging cutting work much simpler. This is because the stability of working from ground level means it is much easier to handle your hedgetrimmer, while many models feature articulating trimmer heads to aid cutting of tops, sides and other hard-to-reach areas of hedgerows. A long-reach hedgetrimmer can even help when trimming the lower sections of hedges and shrubs as it allows you to work on areas near to the ground without forcing you to bend down, thus preventing back strain when taking on heavier workloads.

In addition to this many long-reach hedgetrimmers are compatible with optional pruner attachments, allowing you to quickly switch from trimming hedges to pruning damaged tree branches and other woody vegetation. This versatility makes a long-reach hedgetrimmer even more essential for anyone taking on challenging landscape maintenance work or anyone with a large and varied garden.

Tall Hedge Being Cut
Another whopper, this time with its ubiquitous wobbly ladder in attendance. Nowadays, wobbly ladders and platforms only need to be used in extreme circumstances, such as this.

But with so many machines on the market these days it isn’t always easy to know where to start, so we thought it would be handy to offer a brief manufacturer-by-manufacturer rundown of some of the options available to those looking to trim at a height with the minimum of fuss.

A Buyer’s Guide to Long-Reach Hedgetrimmers

Bosch: Although not a dedicated long-reach hedgetrimmer, a great option for homeowners with smaller gardens is Bosch’s AMW 10 multi-tool system. An electric power unit featuring a 7-meter cable to ensure freedom of movement (even when maintaining tall bushes and hedgerows), the AMW 10 is quiet, clean, easy to use and impressively versatile thanks to a range of optional attachments which includes both the AMW SG tree pruner and the AMW HS hedge cutter. With these attachments as part of your multi-tool system you will be able to conduct all pruning and hedgerow maintenance work in your garden with ease.

Shindaiwa: Shindaiwa’s tools are primarily aimed at the professional market, so the company’s two dedicated long-reach hedgetrimmers – the AH243S and the AH2510 – can both be relied upon to handle even tough trimming work. The 24.5cc AH2510 is particularly worth checking out if you regularly find yourself maintaining tall hedgerows, as according to Horticulture Week it “provides everything you need from a long-reach articulating hedgetrimmer and more.”

As well as these dedicated tools, however, Shindaiwa’s versatile M243S multi-tool system can be equipped with the SBA-AH2422 hedgetrimmer attachment for efficient trimming at a height without any need for a ladder. This is an excellent option if your horticultural duties take in a variety of different jobs.

Shindaiwa AH2510 Long Reach Hedgetrimmer
This is what all the fuss is about: a classic long reach hedgetrimmer from Shindaiwa with full length shaft and articulating cutter blade; perfect for reaching the tallest growth.

ECHO: As with Shindaiwa, ECHO’s tools are designed for professionals. The HCA-265ES long-reach hedgetrimmer, for instance, features a powerful 25.4cc two-stroke petrol engine with a three-stage heavy-duty air filter to ensure dependability. A 45cm double-sided trimmer blade and a sturdy shaft, moreover, together offer an overall working length of 2.37m, thereby enabling efficient cutting of even the tallest hedges.

Equally effective when faced with tough cutting work at a height is the ECHO PPT-265ES Power Pruner, which features an extendable shaft for a maximum reach of 3.72m. This impressive length and its powerful 30.5cm chainsaw head combine to make pruning branches on tall trees agreeably simple.

Husqvarna: Husqvarna’s tools have long had a reputation for power and reliability among professionals and dedicated home gardeners alike, so it’s no surprise to discover that the company’s long-reach hedgetrimmers – the 327HE3X and the 327HE4X – are similarly excellent. Designed for professional users, these machines are similar in construction (both feature an efficient 24.5cc E-Tech® II two-stroke petrol engine and a 55cm trimmer head) so you can depend on either to serve you well. The main difference is that the 327HE4X’s cutter features a greater degree of articulation (almost 180° compared to the 130° offered by the 327HE3X). As such it offers more precision when trimming tricky areas and allows you to fold the blades away to facilitate transportation, making the 327HE4X ideal for busy contractors.

Alternatively owners of Husqvarna’s 128LDx and 525LK multi-tool systems can purchase the long-reach hedgetrimmer attachments available for these machines. This will instantly convert your multi-tool for efficient maintenance of tall hedgerows and shrubs, while extension poles and pole pruner attachments are also available for further customisation.

Efco: Efco’s DS 2400 S and DS 2400 D brushcutters, with their smooth-running power and well-balanced design, can be equipped with optional hedgetrimmer (EH48) and pruner (EP100) attachments to quickly convert them for hedge maintenance at heights. Likewise, hedgetrimmer and pruner attachments are available for the more powerful DS 2800 S and Efco’s versatile Multimate multi-tool system.

Efco DS2400H Long Reach Hedge Timmer In Use
Hedges don’t have to be ginormous to justify using a long reach hedgetrimmer. The fully articulating blades makes them particularly suitable for trimming oddly shaped growth.

As well as the machines described above, here at Lawnmowers Direct we also stock long-reach hedgetrimmers made by Kawasaki and our own-brand Lawnmaster ST-HG330 (perfect for those seeking effective cutting on a budget). This means that there is plenty of choice available for homeowners and professionals alike, so if you’ve had enough of teetering dangerously atop a ladder while trying to trim the tops of tall hedgerows, give our sales team a call and we’ll help you find a machine perfect for your needs.