Stihl FAQs

Do you own Stihl garden machinery or want to know more about the brand before you invest?

In this blog post, Lawnmowers Direct some of the most frequently asked questions about Stihl garden machinery, including Stihl lawn mowers, grass trimmers and leaf blowers.

Stihl UK FAQs

Where can I buy Stihl garden machinery?

Stihl is a leading brand of garden machinery in the UK. There are reputable dealers of Stihl garden machinery across the UK, including Lawnmowers Direct.

You should always buy your Stihl products from a trusted dealership to ensure products are genuine and you have the correct aftercare for your product.

Is it possible to overcharge the Stihl Li-ion battery?

Lots of Stihl products are available with battery transmission, including lawn mowers and hedge trimmers.

Battery powered machinery has come a long way, and can now stand up to petrol transmission. With that said, the battery does need to be properly cared for. One thing that’s important is to charge the battery itself correctly, including not overcharging it.

If you use a Stihl approved charger, it is not possible to overcharge the battery. We recommend only using genuine Stihl battery chargers to ensure the expected performance of the battery.

Which Stihl chainsaw is best for me?

There’s a lot of elements to consider when buying a chainsaw for your garden, from its weight to the transmission and capabilities. The easiest way to make sure you get the right tool for your needs is to speak to a reputable dealership.

Speaking with a trusted provider of the equipment you’re interested in buying will give you all the information you need to make an informed choice. If you’re looking for a new chainsaw, get in touch with the team at Lawnmowers Direct today.

Can I adjust the carburetor on my chainsaw?

The settings of the carburetor are important for the operating of the machine. These settings impact the mixture of air and fuel in the engine – the wrong settings will therefore impact the running.

You can find the carburetor settings in your model’s instruction manual, and can adjust them at home. However, if you are not confident doing so, we suggest taking your chainsaw to an approved service provider.

Which Stihl leaf blower is best for me?

Leaf blowers and vacuums are a great tool for every garden, but which one is right for your needs?

We’ve put together a buyer’s guide for the Stihl leaf blower and vacuum range which goes into detail about this. Read it here.

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