Things To Consider When Buying A Chainsaw

Chainsaws can be intimidating. They’re a notoriously high-octane power tool and are generally safest in experienced hands.

However, they are occasionally necessary for commercial use or home jobs, like removing unwanted branches and trees. With so many options available to buy, knowing which machine is right for you isn’t always straightforward.

If you’ve never owned a chainsaw before or are looking for the right replacement, Lawnmowers Direct has put together this handy guide for our customers.

What will you be using it for?

For heavy-duty jobs and commercial use, petrol machines are often the gold standard. While electric models such as the Bosch AKE 40 are now capable of competing with petrol alternatives for power due to improvements in technology, you’ll still be hard-pressed to find a professional user armed with anything other than a petrol chainsaw.

Meanwhile, home users—particularly those with small gardens—may find that standard electric chainsaws have enough power for the job without being overwhelming.

Noisy neighbours

Petrol machines are beasts. This means they can tackle pretty much anything, but they make quite a racket while doing it. If you live in a built up area and plan to use your chainsaw any more frequently than once in a blue moon, you might want to opt for a quieter electric model with the versatility to tackle any domestic job like the Husqvarna 420 EL Electric Chainsaw to avoid being everyone’s least favourite neighbour.


This is sort of related to our previous point. Those of us that live in towns or cities have to be more considerate of those around us than those that live in the country. Air pollution in urban areas is enough of a problem as it is, without the emissions released from petrol chainsaws. Electric chainsaws like the Efco MT 2000 E 16 Electric Chainsaw are cleaner and greener than their petrol counterparts while delivering comparable power.


Another consideration is the space you will be using your chainsaw in. Smaller gardens, or areas with lots of trees and vegetation around them require you to be nimble while handling a potentially dangerous power tool. Cordless chainsaws are the best option for spaces like these, as there is no cable to restrict your movement or get caught around tree trunks. Designed for professional use, the Husqvarna T536Li XP Cordless Battery Chainsaw strikes the perfect balance between power, weight, eco-friendliness and manoeuvrability.


Always take safety precautions when using a chainsaw. These machines can cause severe bodily harm and even death when used improperly, so protective work wear must be worn at all times. If you’ve never used a chainsaw before, please ensure you know what you’re doing before you start the machine. For complex procedures such as felling trees, consider hiring a professional tree surgeon.