What Is the Difference Between Lawn Rake and Scarifier?

hand scarifier

Lawn rakes and scarifiers are often viewed as one and the same piece of equipment. However, any keen gardener will tell you that there are some distinct differences that tell a lawn rake from a scarifier.

In this blog post, the expert team at Lawnmowers Direct outline exactly what is the difference between a lawn rake and scarifier.

What is a lawn rake?

A lawn raker is a piece of gardening machine designed to remove moss from lawns to promote the growth of healthy grass and prevent lawn disease.

Rakers are particularly useful in lawned areas near hedges, trees and shade which are more prone to moss.

Electric lawn rakers take the labour out of removing moss from your lawn, collecting moss, leaves and debris from your lawn into the useful collection box with speed and ease.

What is a scarifier?

A lot of people get confused about the differences between a lawn raker and a scarifier because they have an almost identical function.

Just like a lawn raker, the purpose of a scarifier is to remove moss and other debris, such as fallen leaves and grass cuttings, from the lawn. This process gives the grass itself more room to breathe and reduces competition for light and nutrients with moss.

How is a scarifier different from a lawn raker?

Unlike a lawn raker, a scarifier goes one step further than simply collecting moss and debris.

A lawn rake has a plastic cylinder which is lined with metal tines. This has the capability to comb the lawn, removing the moss and debris effectively.

A scarifier, on the other hand, has knife-like steel blades attached to its cylinder. While they remove the moss and debris in much the same way as a lawn raker, they can also be used to ‘cut’ the soil of your lawn, aiding aeration.

The key differences between a lawn rake and a scarifier are:

Lawn rake

• Has a plastic cylinder
• Can be used to remove moss and thatch from a lawn
• Has a tendency to rip or tear grass shoots during the raking process


• Has metal blades attached to the cylinder
• Can cut shoots of grass during scarification, encouraging new growth
• Can be used to remove moss and thatch from a lawn
• Also aerates the lawn

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