What to Do If Your Bosch Shredder Is Jammed

Shredders can become jammed, however these blockages are usually easy to fix. In this blog post, Lawnmowers Direct shares its top tips on what to do if your Bosch shredder is jammed.

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What to do if your Bosch shredder gets jammed

If your Bosch shredder is jammed, it’s important that you work to clear the blockage before continuing to use the equipment for both user safety and to ensure that the shredder is not permanently damaged.

Here’s our guide to cleaning a shredder blockage safely and efficiently:

Step 1 – Determine the location of the blockage

If your Bosch shredder is jammed, it will not pull in new materials. This is because the machinery has detected a blockage. The first step in rectifying this issue is to locate the area the blockage has occurred.

Most shredders are a single-blade impact shredder, which means that locating the blockage should be easy to do.

Step 2 – Determine what is causing the blockage

Once you have located the blockage in your Bosch shredder, you need to find what is actually causing the shredder to be jammed.

Usually this will be visible and could include:
• Wood
• Rocks
• Wet materials

Step 3 – Make the shredder safe to unblock

Before attempting to release the blockage in your shredder, you must take a number of measures which make it safe to do so.

These include:
• Wearing protective gloves & eyewear
• Turning off the shredder power
• Putting the shredder on a level surface

Step 4 – Unjamming the shredder

Try to dislodge the jammed material(s) by hand, taking caution when near the blade of the shredder.

If the blockage does not release, you can try to loosen it with an implement, such as a piece of wood or a metal tool, such as a long-head screwdriver.

Step 5 – Return motion

To ensure the blockage is fully cleared, and further jamming does not occur, activate the return motion or reverse button, which will expel any further materials from the machine.

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