The Gardena Watering System | Quenching Your Garden’s Summer Thirst

Gardena Watering System In Use
Proper hydration is a critical element in keeping your garden lush and verdant throughout the dry summer months and German water management experts Gardena make the best products in the industry.

Ours is often a grey and damp land, so when the sun does shine the people of Great Britain get a little overexcited. Thus, as soon as the clouds part, families across the country rush to the beaches, and petrol stations everywhere sell out of charcoal briquettes as barbeques are fired up for the first time of the year. But amidst all of this sun-inspired delirium, it’s important not to forget your garden.

We human beings can slather ourselves in factor-forty to keep the harmful effects of a hot summer sun at bay (even if, as widespread sunburn the next day will testify, many do not). But your garden doesn’t have this option, so you need to make provisions to keep it well watered when the temperatures soar. This is why so many gardeners have put their faith in Gardena’s comprehensive range of watering equipment.

Of course, as long as it rains watering isn’t usually necessary. But even a couple of dry weeks can have a disastrous effect on your plants, especially during warm summers and in areas with sandy soil which struggles to retain water. So to prevent the vegetation in your garden from becoming dry, wilting and yellowing, it is important to have a watering regime in place.

When and how to water your plants will depend partly on what you are growing – container plants may need watering daily in dry conditions, while a garden full of cacti will allow you to take a more relaxed approach – but you can rest assured that Gardena’s equipment will make the job pleasingly straightforward.

Gardena Watering System
The Gardena Original System is designed to make every aspect of garden water maintenance as easy and convenient as possible, wherever and whatever you’re watering.

Anti-Twist Hoses

One of Gardena’s greatest innovations is its anti-twist hose technology. The Comfort High Flex 50 Metre Hose (13mm), for instance, features a dense carbon-reinforced spiral-weave textile, offering maximum flexibility along with superb pressure resistance. This hi-tech material also guards against tangling more effectively than any conventional hosepipe, so with Gardena you’ll never have to waste precious moments in the sunshine unknotting your hose before setting to work.

Compact Reels

Gardena also produces a wide range of hose reels. In smaller gardens the compact Classic Hose Reel Set, which comes complete with 10m Classic Hose and an adjustable spray nozzle, provides a great combination of portability and convenient storage. And at the other end of the scale we have the Metal Hose Trolley 60 Set, which features smooth running profiled wheels and an ergonomic handlebar to ensure you can reach every corner of the garden with ease.

In addition to this Gardena’s wall-mounted hose reels provide another practical method for keeping your garden watered, while also protecting your hose and offering a handy storage solution for nozzles and connectors when not in use. The Wall-Mounted Hose Box 25 even features an automatic roll-up function to make tidying your hose away as stress-free as a soothing summer breeze.

Gardena Spray Gun
A large selection of products supplement Gardena’s legendary hose pipes, including an excellent selection of adjustable spray guns.

Versatile Sprinklers

An alternative option for keeping your garden watered during the summer is to invest in a sprinkler system. Here too Gardena is an industry leader, so no matter the size and shape of your garden there will be a Gardena sprinkler to meet your needs.

Smaller areas are well served by the simple but effective Spray Sprinkler Fox, which provides a hassle-free way of keeping flowerbeds, vegetable patches and front yards irrigated, with a maximum spray diameter of 11m enabling effective hydration of areas up to 100m².

For larger areas, meanwhile, the Premium Full or Part Circle Pulse Sprinkler provides remarkable efficiency with its maximum coverage range of 490m². But this sprinkler is also very versatile, so can be set to water compact areas of as little as 75m² without waste, while spray sector adjustment between 20° and 360° further ensures that you can customise performance to suit your garden.

Those with undulating or uneven lawns may also want to consider the benefits of the Oscillating Sprinkler ZoomMaxx, which as well as enabling watering of areas between 9m² and 216m² also features a sturdy supportive foot so that it can be used effectively on surfaces with an incline of up to 15%. And since Gardena’s various sprinklers can be run in series with one another, it is easy to create a perfect watering system in even the largest domestic gardens.

Gardena Wall Mount
Safe and convenient storage of hose pipes will not only prevent accidents but also protect your investments from unforeseen damage.

The Gardena Original System

But the best thing of all about Gardena’s various hoses, sprinklers and other watering equipment is that it is all part of the Original System. The Original System, which has been refined to perfection since its introduction in 1968, includes all of Gardena’s hoses, connectors, nozzles and sprinklers, so all Gardena Original System products are compatible with one another. This means that switching between nozzles for different jobs or rearranging your sprinkler layout is always quick and simple. Purpose-built for reliability, the Original System also offers:

  • Long-lasting quality thanks to the use of durable materials and innovate design principles
  • Leak-free performance with a secure connection from start to finish, thereby preventing water loss and saving money
  • Enviable ease of use and convenience, with connectors available for nearly all threaded, unthreaded and indoor taps
  • Nozzles for every situation, ranging from adjustable multi-function spray guns to professional-quality spray lances

All of this makes it simple to construct a complete watering system which can be quickly and easily adapted to whatever the job at hand. Flowerbeds need watering? Grab your hose reel, click the connectors into place and set to work! Maybe your hanging baskets need attention too? No worries, simply switch to a spray lance and you’ll be done in no time. Then maybe you can connect up your sprinkler and take it easy while the Gardena system sees to the vegetable patch.

Gardena Watering System
All aspects of garden watering are catered for by the Gardena Original System with the controlled soaker systems proving to be both effective and popular.

Gardena’s Original System products are therefore ideal for those with varied watering needs, especially if you’d rather spend your summer days relaxing or enjoying time with your family than lugging a heavy watering can around! So while you bake in the sun, lounging in your garden on those long summer days, a cold beverage in your hand, don’t forget that the plants need a drink now and then too.