5 Ways To Improve Your Garden Shed

A shed can be a great addition to your back garden for its utility alone. But if it’s looking more like an eyesore and less like a storage spot or a place to work on gardening or other projects, there are solutions.

If it’s not falling down around you, there’s still hope for your ugly garden shed. But you’ll need a game plan. Thankfully, there are several ways to enhance your garden shed so it (and you) can get back to work.

Read on to learn how to make your shed look nice and serve your needs better, too.

Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Shed

Garden sheds are typically used for two distinct purposes: a storage area or a workshop for gardeners or DIYers. However, these purposes tend to get overshadowed by clutter getting in the way of the shed interior or the outside of the shed getting weathered and worn.

When this happens, you will need to use these shed makeover ideas to restore the shed to its former glory.

Add a fresh coat of paint

Painting both the interior and the exterior of your shed is one of the easiest ways to improve its appeal. Update the look with a bright colour to make a statement. Or you can paint it with a more natural colour to make it blend in with the other elements of your garden.

Even if you keep the shed the same shade that it has always been, a fresh coat of paint can smooth over blemishes and weathering that stem from being out in the elements. If you’ve had your shed for a long time, then it has most likely taken some battering from the wind and the rain.

Of course, you shouldn’t just paint over damaged areas without investigating. Some patching up might be a smart step before you begin prepping for paint. But you should also be careful of what type of paint you select. An outdoor variety will last longer and resist sun damage better than the leftover tin from painting your sitting room.

Add DIY Shelving

Figuring out how to organise a garden shed is no easy task, especially after it’s experienced seasons of neglect. Fortunately, if you’re handy in the shop, you can easily DIY some shelves to suit the space. Think simple, as you don’t need anything fancy to get the job done.

You might not have enough space on your shed floor to store all your equipment, but adding a few shelves allows you to take advantage of the vertical area. Think about what tools you use most and keep them on lower shelves at the front of the shed for quicker access. You can eliminate trip hazards this way, and it makes grabbing your favourite hammer easy, too.

Organisation is an essential step if you work in the shed, too, particularly when it comes to keeping safe around power tools. Don’t store your power tools up high, and keep sharp tools and equipment away from the entryway to avoid accidents. The same applies to any pointy-ended tools you’ve got for gardening projects.

Let a cool breeze in

If you aren’t building some form of temperature control into your shed, it can get hot and musty. This can be fine if you are going in and out to get a tool, but it can cause problems if you use your shed as a workshop. Plus, your equipment will likely fare better with a bit of ventilation if your shed is in a high-sun area.

Adding some windows to your shed can solve these problems and give you some form of control over the temperature. Operable windows can allow for a cross breeze so the space (and your petrol) doesn’t overheat, and you won’t even need a fan.

Even if you don’t plan to use your shed as a workshop, windows can provide natural light while you’re in there digging for tools.

Go with the green

One of the simplest garden shed decorating ideas is to make the building blend in with the landscape. A more natural paint colour, like green or brown, is an excellent first step. But letting the plants creep around could make the building more attractive, too. You might even consider a stepping-stone path for a natural yet charming way to connect the shed to the rest of your garden area.

Planting a few flowers or bushes around your shed can frame the building and make it less of an eyesore. And if you’re spending time in the shed nurturing seedlings or prepping pots, some greenery could boost your mood while you’re out there.

Get organised

If you haven’t already had a shed clear out and devised a plan on how to keep it organised, now’s the time to start. Merely cramming your lawnmower, weed eater, garden tools, and three bags of birdseed into the shed is a recipe for disaster. Then the clutter takes the shed over, and suddenly you are back where you started.

Some useful organisational tips include:
• Storing items you need in the front and keeping seasonal items in the back of the shed.
• Storing similar items together
• Drawing up a floor plan for bigger items so everything has its place

This step could take a whole day to complete, but it’s worth it. You can pull everything out of the shed, chase the spiders out, and then replace your equipment in a way that makes sense. That way, next time you open the door to grab a rake or drag the lawnmower out, ten other tools won’t make a break for it by way of falling on your head.

Final Thoughts on Improving Your Garden Shed

Whether you’re picturing hours tinkering on projects in your shed or you just want a neater place to keep your garden equipment, these shed decorating ideas can help. Making your shed look nice on both the inside and outside may even inspire you to spend more time in the garden.

Plus, cleaning up the garden shed could mean you have more room for new tools and garden equipment — and maybe even a new lawnmower, too.