Give Your Shed An Autumn Clear Out

Autumn in the garden is much like springtime in your house – it’s time for a clear out. You’ve been using your garden all summer, and you’ve probably been too busy to think about daft things like organising the shed. So you can continue with wanton abandon next year, give your shed a little bit of a going over now.

All you need is a dry weekend as you’re going to need to get everything out to have a thorough sort out.

Let’s start with some shed basics.

There are some things ever shed will need, some which will be unique to you, and some which no one needs, and you probably have no idea what they’re doing there in the first place. These are the ‘do you even remember buying that?’ type objects.

Sheds are often neglected, and treated like a big storage cupboard rather than the useful spaces they actually are. It doesn’t need to be a particularly time consuming activity, although the longer it’s been left in disrepair the more you’ll have to do. Keep on top of the job and you’ll be making your own life much easier.

Start by removing everything you have in your shed. By laying it out on the lawn or on the garden table you’ll be able to see just what you have, and any junk which you might have accumulated over the year.

While it’s nice and clear, take the time to wipe down the walls and surfaces to remove dirt and any cobwebs. Now sweep the floor to clear any dirt or grass cuttings which might have made their way inside your shed. Wipe down the windows with warm soapy water. This will help let in light and keep your shed a little bit warmer.

Next you’ll need to organise the contents. Check that everything is still working. Batteries which aren’t being used should be disconnected, and perhaps stored inside during the winter as the cold can affect their ability to maintain charge. Is there anything in there which you haven’t used in two years? It’s worth thinking about whether you’ll ever use it or if it’s just taking up space. Add any wayward cardboard to your compost heap, fix or dispose of electronic equipment, and recycle anything you can.

Planning how you arrange the space is important, because everything which you use frequently should be accessible. Wall mounted tools are a good way of keeping the floors clear, and it’s also easier to see where everything is. Make sure you leave plenty of room to move about freely. If your shed is jam packed with equipment that you don’t use and is difficult to get into, it’s more likely to become neglected again.

Invest in some shelving units and keep tools, pots, and seeds in clear plastic boxes which are marked with contents. You’ll never lose anything again.

If you want to spruce your shed up from the outside, consider a lick of paint. Felt roofing can deteriorate over time, so it’s a good idea to replace any damaged material with new to keep all your tools safe and dry. This can be all it takes to bring your whole garden together, and transform your shed from storage into a useful and attractive workspace.

That wasn’t so tricky, was it?