Best Climbing Plants For Your Garden

Climbing plants are a brilliant addition to any garden. They take up minimal floor space, add another dimension to your garden and look beautiful.

But which climbing plants are best for your garden? Some prefer lots of sunlight, some need careful tendering, some dislike the cold winter months. Read on to find out which climbing plants are best suited for your needs.

Fast growing climbing plants

Want to cover the side of an ugly fence or add curb appeal to the front of your property as quickly as possible? If so, it’s fast growing climbers that you need.

These are some of the best fast growing climbing plants:

• Perennial sweet peas
• Rambling roses
• Kiwi
• Clematis tangutica

Evergreen climbing plants

Looking for climbing plants that bring colour to your garden all year round|? These evergreen climbers are worth considering:

• Passionflower
• Star jasmine
• Clematis armandii

Climbing plants for shade

If you want to bring the shaded areas of your garden to life, you need a climbing plant that can survive with little direct sunlight. Some climbers thrive in shady spots, and will brighten those darker areas in the garden.

Here’s some shade-loving climbing plants:

• Ivy
• Honeysuckle
• Star jasmine
• Rosa ‘Wedding Day’
• Clematis x durandii

Climbing plants for direct sunlight

Have an area in your garden that seems to burn everything to a crisp? You need a sun-loving, hardy climbing plant that will thrive off dry soil and the heat of direct sunlight.

Here’s some of the best climbers to plant in direct sunlight:

• Wisteria
• Grape vines
• Honeysuckle
• Star jasmine
• Campsis

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