Best Websites for Gardeners

There’s a website for everything – and several thousand for most. It can make it a bit of a chore sifting through what’s out there and finding the best places to read up about you hobbies, and for advice which will make your life easier. Gardeners will know that with a topic as big as gardening there are literally millions of different places you can turn, and they don’t always agree with each other about the best time to prune your roses.

Gardening websites you should visit

Royal Horticultural Society

One of my personal favourites (and one of the UK’s most definitive gardening resources) is the Royal Horticultural Society’s site. Their advice section provides lots of simple, easy to follow information about which gardening jobs you should be carrying out each month.

Just remember that temperature and humidity are more important than the actual dates when it comes to the garden, to if it’s a particularly mild winter you might be able to carry out some tasks earlier than usual. There are also sections where gardeners can find local gardening groups, read more about specific plant varieties, and even find the perfect plant for your garden based on soil type, how shady it is, and the direction your garden is facing.

Sound good? Head to to peruse all the Royal Horticultural Society have to offer.

Thompson & Morgan

Thompson & Morgan offer a fair few seeds in their extensive online catalogue. With more than 150 years in the industry, they definitely know what they’re talking about. With a blog, a plant finder, and plenty to browse, you’re sure to find something which piques your interested over at

Garden Planner

If you’ve just moved to a new house and are yet to tackle the overgrown jungle that the previous residents left in their wake, have a look at this useful online Garden Planner. It’s really easy to use, and you can design a layout which works for your garden by trial and error with none of the expense. Include walls, different types of plants, ponds and more as part of your design, and then print out your plan when you’re all done so you know what you need to buy and what goes where – easy!

Garden Directories

There are also lots of gardening directories, such as the UK Gardening Directory which can point you in the direction of almost any sort of website that you’re looking for. Both and The Gardening Website  are good places to start if you’re a gardener looking for technical information or an amateur who doesn’t want to do more harm than good.

Lawnmowers Direct

Of course, we also think our own guides for gardeners (keen and reluctant alike) are worth a read too. There’s our free advice and FAQs section as well as the blog to help you make decisions about garden machinery and accessories. We try and update frequently so there’s usually something new to read and as we’re always adding new products to the site there’s plenty to look at.