Easy-Care Plants For The Complete Beginner

Gardening is an exciting new hobby for anyone to begin, but deciding what to plant can be overwhelming when you’re just starting out. While there’s nothing wrong with a bit of ambition, starting small is best while you develop your green fingers. Lawnmowers Direct has put together this guide to the easiest plants for beginner gardeners to start their new hobby with!


All Forsythia plants need to thrive is a nice sunny spot and healthy, fertile soil. They’re also perfect for beginner gardeners in the UK, as once they’ve grown, they can comfortably survive our sometimes unpredictable weather conditions. Forsythia plants grow pretty big, so your primary maintenance job will be pruning and clipping it back regularly to keep it under control.


Honeysuckle is the ideal beginner’s climbing plant, bringing out gorgeous and sweet-smelling flowers in the summer and being hardy enough to survive the winter, within reason. There are lots of different varieties of honeysuckle, most of them grow well in all soil types and with any level of exposure to sunlight. Perfect for decorating trellis or covering up a wall that detracts from the rest of your beginner’s garden!


Aside from being a firm favourite for aesthetic reasons, azaleas are also a great beginner’s easy-care plant. This shrub comes in lots of different colours to suit anyone’s taste and require light shade and acidic soil. They can be grown in pretty much any garden, and are best planted in the spring months—so grab your shovel and get planting some azaleas in your preferred colour!

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