How to Ensure Your Grass Stays Green This Summer

After the hard work you’ve put into your garden in the run-up to summer, it goes without saying that by the time it rolls around, you’re ready to show off your lawn and give your neighbours serious garden envy.

But how can you ensure that your lawn is as fresh and green as possible? In this blog post, Lawnmowers Direct, a leading supplier of garden and horticultural machinery, explain some of the failsafe steps to take.


After the harsh freezes and waterlogged ground that comes with the great British winter, your grass is likely to be looking a little worse for wear. Cold frosts and long wet periods can be enough to kill parts of your grass, leaving unsightly bald patches of brown mud and mossy messes amongst the green.

If you’re prepared, this doesn’t have to be the state of your lawn for long. By reseeding your lawn when spring comes around, you can ensure that you can have a fresh, thick and luscious green space just in time for your first BBQ of the year.

Feed regularly

To give your grass a fighting chance, you need to give it the fuel to grow. Plants are living beings and rely on food, sunlight and hydration just like us. Although most soil has the nutrients grass needs to live, feeding extra can allow your lawn to supercharge its growth and thrive.

Feeding your lawn regularly is a sure way to get a healthy, vibrant grass you can show off with pride. Simply mix the food into water and spread over the lawn using a watering can.

Cut little and often

With grass that’s growing at a strong rate, you need to keep it under control. If you leave your lawn to overgrow, you may as well not spend the time and money needed to seed or feed it. If you allow your grass to become overgrown, the longer blades block the light to newly emerging grass and causes it to discolour.

Keeping your lawnmower on standby and cutting the grass little and often will ensure the individual blades of grass that make up your lawn are thick and healthy, providing a premium quality and coloured lawn.

Give it air

British summers can be unreliable. If we get wet spells in the summer months you might think it best to let your lawn soak up the extra moisture, and you’re not necessarily wrong. But it’s also important to aerate your lawn to ensure that your grass can breathe.

Simply use a lawn aerator to make deep holes in your lawn, allowing standing water to reach the roots and your grass to get the air it needs. Putting holes in your carefully nurtured lawn might be a scary prospect, but grass is tougher than you think and this process will do it the world of good. Infact, once you’ve made the holes, you’ll barely be able to see them!

If you want to know more about summer lawn care, or would like more information about gardening tips, tricks and equipment, get in touch with the expert team at Lawnmowers Direct today.