Garden Makeover Ideas Perfect for Winter

Winter can be uninspiring for gardeners, with most plant life dormant for the cold days and long, dark nights. With the garden tools tucked up in the shed for winter and little growth to monitor, many gardeners use this as a time to give their garden a spruce up.

In this blog post, Lawnmowers Direct has put together a few garden makeover ideas to inspire you this winter.

Create a winter wonderland

This doesn’t have to be a full-on santa’s grotto…but it could be if you’re into that kind of thing. But there’s really some very tasteful winter scenes you can create in your own garden.

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for this, but if you just want a few pointers, why not add typically seasonal plants, like holly and christmas trees, which can be decorated with outdoor fairy lights.

Build the perfect patio

A new patio can completely transform your outdoor space. Winter might make typical gardening activities harder, but laying a new patio isn’t one of them.

With softer ground, it’s the perfect time to design and lay a new patio design. If you haven’t already done so as part of your autumn lawn care preparation, now is also a great time to create a new path around your lawn too, to save you from walking on your fragile winter lawn.

Plant winter flowers

One of the main reasons people decide to makeover their garden in winter is because it can look pretty dull left as it is. But if you just want to make small tweaks that see you through to the sunnier days of spring when your garden revives itself, why not plant some winter flowers?

Introducing the right plant life in the winter months can be all that’s needed to inject colour and interest back into your outdoor space. You can read more about the best plant life for winter gardens here.

Work with what you’ve got

It can be easy to look at your garden and think there’s no hope, but most of the time that just isn’t the case.

For most gardens, without actually adding anything you can completely transform it through creating shape. From altering your lawn shape or patio area to cutting your hedges in a different way, there’s a plethora of ways to add new shapes and angles to your garden by optimising what’s already there.

Attract new life

Although your plantlife might be dormant during winter, the wildlife isn’t. Attract everything from squirrels, birds and hedgehogs to bees and butterflies to your garden with feeders, water baths, specific plants and shelter.

Find out more about how to attract wildlife to your garden here or via The Woodland Trust and other reputable sources.

So, if your garden is looking a little lacklustre going into winter, why not try one of these makeover ideas?

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