Why Gardening Is Good For The Environment

Gardening has lots of known benefits for individuals, from more positive mental health to a reduced risk of stroke. But gardeners aren’t the only beneficiaries of a well-maintained outdoor space. Your green-fingered hobby could play a small part in saving the planet.

Want to know more about why gardening is good for the environment? Lawnmowers Direct have broken down some of the top benefits for the eco-system in this blog.

Purify the air around you

Carbon capture has been a bit of a hot topic in the environmental sphere. But it isn’t all about power plants, large industrial pipes and storage facilities. We forget that the simplest form of carbon capture happens naturally.

Through photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release pure, fresh oxygen into the air. That’s right—by planting trees and shrubs in your back garden, you can create your very own carbon capture centre in your back garden.

Lower your carbon footprint

Every little helps. While more people are prioritising veggies in their diet to reduce the impact of meat production on the environment, many of us still rely on supermarkets for our food. The problem is that produce is often transported all over the country before it lands in our local shop.

Carbon pollution from transport account for around 26% of all UK emissions. By growing your own vegetables, you lower your carbon footprint by not participating in this figure.

Support the wildlife

We’ve started to notice eco-gardens rising in popularity in recent years, as gardeners—who often already have the inclination to preserve the natural habitat around them—realise they too can play an important part in the green movement.

There are lots of things you can do to turn you garden into an eco-garden, such as reusing water, using recycled materials and avoiding chemicals. Including native plants can also be crucial in supporting your local eco-system and providing wildlife with a safe haven.


Environmental issues can often seem overwhelming and make the average Joe or Jane feel pretty powerless. But everyone has their own part to play in making the world a cleaner, greener place to live. Gardeners can be a particularly important ray of sunshine in this picture, purifying the air we breathe, reducing carbon emissions and ensuring natural wildlife continues to thrive.