How to Use a Scarifier Like a Pro

Scarifiers are a common piece of equipment in many gardeners’ sheds. But what is it used for and how do you operate it? In this blog post, Lawnmowers Direct explains all.

What is a lawn scarifier?

A lawn scarifier—also known as a dethatcher—is a garden machine which can be used to remove most and other debris from your lawn. It does this by cutting through the soil, lifting moss and similar away from the base of the lawn.

Why use a scarifier?

Scarifiers help remove moss and other unwanted debris from your lawn, helping the grass to breathe and grow freely. Removing moss also prevents lawn diseases and encourages the grass to absorb valuable water.

The cutting action of a lawn rake also helps aerate the soil, helping to keep it free of weeds and well cultivated for optimal grass growth.

How to use a scarifier like a pro

If your lawn has been overcome by moss or debris, scarifying will help clear it out. But—to get the best results—you should follow this process:

Mow your lawn on a low setting

Before scarifying your lawn, you need to make the moss and thatch as accessible as possible. The best way to do this is to cut your lawn on a low setting. Cutting the grass short will expose the moss and debris that need to be removed, making this task easier.

Scarify your lawn

Use your scarifier on the desired areas in the same way you would a lawnmower. To begin with, you should put your scarifier on a high setting and move it over the grass a few times—this will prevent the grass from being shocked and damaged. Once you have done this, you can lower the blades to the desired level.


Once you’ve scarified your lawn, you can evaluate if it needs to be aerated to dry out the soil. Moss thrives in damp and shaded areas, so these locations need particular attention.

You may also want to reseed your lawn after scarifying, as this process can lead to the lawn appearing thinner. After scarification and aerating (if required) you can apply grass seed and topsoil to the desired areas.

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