Relieve Gardening Back Pain With Wolf-Garten Multi-Change® Tools

Wolf Garten Multi Tools
The ultimate solution for gardeners suffering from backpain: the Wolf Garten Multi Tool System with up to 840 different combinations at your fingertips.

How’s your back? Bit of a twinge on a cold day now and then? Starts to ache if you’re forced to stand up for too long? Makes peculiar cracking noises when you sit down? Maybe it just hurts the day after a long weekend hard at work in the garden? Well you’re not alone, as according to some studies up to 80% of the population in industrialised countries will experience back pain at some stage in their life. This can definitely be more of an issue for the green-fingered among us than non-gardeners, because horticultural work often involves rooting around in the soil at ground level with a trowel or hand fork and frequent bending can exacerbate existing back issues.

There are many things you can do to help protect your back though, including a number of general back care tips which every gardener should follow. You should always warm up before you set to work, for example, even if this is just a few stretches (the NHS recommends wall slides, leg raises and bottom lifts). Warming up like this will mean that your muscles are ready to go, so the chances of suffering a strain are greatly reduced. Likewise, for added protection you should always take regular breaks when conducting repetitive work, and if you ever need to move heavy objects you should always lift from the knees and use a wheelbarrow wherever possible.

With any luck these precautions should help prevent back pain arising from routine garden maintenance work, but horticultural manufacturers have also been busy creating clever ergonomic systems to make gardening safer and more comfortable. This is certainly part of the charm of Wolf-Garten’s brilliant Multi-Change® system, with its massive range of interchangeable handles and tool heads allowing you to mix and match equipment according to your requirements; choose a handle to suit your height then simply “click” the required equipment into place on the handle as and when you need it. And with the Wolf-Garten range including everything from short hand-tool grips to full-length shafts, as well as a wide variety of cultivation, rockery, tree care, lawn care, weeding, cleaning and soil care tool heads, there are very few jobs which can’t be tackled with the Multi-Change® system!

Gardener With Back Pain
However much you enjoy working in your garden, back pain is bad news. Wolf Garten Multi Change Tools are here to help.

This helps to prevent back pain by allowing you to tailor tools according to your height and posture, while in the past gardeners had no choice but to use equipment as it came in the shop, even if this meant that the handle was too long or too short. With the Multi-Change® system, on the other hand, you can pick from handles of many styles and lengths to suit your specific needs. As such you can always be sure of maintaining good posture with a Multi-Change® system tool, relieving the pressure on your spine so that you can work in comfort for longer. Equally helpful in this respect is being able to switch from a compact hand-tool handle to a full-length 170cm wooden shaft at will, which eliminates excessive bending by allowing you to work from a comfortable standing position whenever you choose.

It’s not just bending down to weed the flowerbeds that causes aches and pains though, as trimming hard-to-reach areas of trees and tall hedgerows can be equally hard on your back and shoulders. Luckily the Wolf-Garten Multi-Change® system also offers exceptional convenience on this count, with telescopic handles which extend up to a maximum of 400cm available for all of your tree-care needs. These handles work in conjunction with the Wolf-Garten Multi-Change® loppers and pruning saws so that you can cut at a height while keeping your feet planted firmly on the ground. As well as significantly reducing the risk of accidents from falling by removing the need to climb rickety ladders, this means that you won’t be forced to stretch when making a cut and thereby helps to prevent avoidable strains.

As well as being ergonomically designed for comfort and safety, the Wolf-Garten Multi-Change® system offers outstanding benefits on a number of additional levels. It does this partly by reducing the number of dedicated tools you will need to buy and store, as with the Multi-Change® system’s compact interchangeable tool heads you will instead be able to use the same shafts for multiple implements, thereby saving on initial expenses and freeing up valuable space in the garden shed. The Multi-Change® system also features innovative tool heads such as the “cultiweeder,” which allows you to simultaneously loosen soil and remove weeds from flowerbeds and vegetable patches, further taking the hassle out of tricky garden chores. And with Wolf-Garten’s decades of experience in the industry you can trust Multi-Change® tools to deliver years of reliable service.

Wolf Garten Multi Tool
Easily switch from one tool head to the next. The Wolf Garten Multi Tool System saves time, space and money in the garden.

Even professional gardeners can therefore gain a lot from the convenience and versatility offered by the Wolf-Garten Multi-Change® system, especially when working long hours and moving from site to site (where the portability of Wolf-Garten’s compact tool heads is infinitely preferable to lugging around large amounts of conventional equipment). The flexibility of the Multi-Change® system is also useful when taking on varied jobs in the garden, however, as you will never find yourself forced to work with an unsuitable tool simply because it is all you have on hand. Amateurs and professionals alike, then, will find the Wolf-Garten Multi-Change® system an exceptional alternative to traditional garden tools.

This chimes nicely with Wolf-Garten’s longstanding mission to make gardening as stress-free as possible, including with regard to the demands that horticultural work can put on your body. Where Wolf-Garten has the advantage over some of its competitors is by letting you – the person who is actually going to use the equipment – pick the handle and tool combination which best meets your needs; it’s a simple solution, admittedly, but then the best ones always are. This freedom of choice will be a godsend to those who suffer from a bad back as it will mean you can finally work in comfort after years of struggling with pre-fabricated tools, but with more than 840 potential combinations and an ever-evolving range of tool heads available the Wolf-Garten Multi-Change® system truly does have something for everyone (regardless of the state of your lumbar).