The Ultimate Summer Gardening Checklist – 21-30

Couldn’t stay away, could you? We’re well aware that our summer gardening checklist is more tantalising than a Netflix series finale episode, so fear not: here’s the third and final part of the saga. Follow these tips and you’re sure to have the Joneses trying to keep up with you over the coming months.

21. Apply a lick of paint

Take advantage of the warmer weather and reduced rainfall to give your fences, trellises, benches and other wooden surfaces a fresh lick of paint and varnish. That’ll seal in the colour and the quality, making them impregnable against the inclement weather when it does inevitably roll around. It’ll also do wonders for the aesthetic of your garden, bringing it to life and adding a nice veneer to the space.

Painting a fence – the perfect satisfying summer job.
Painting a fence – the perfect satisfying summer job.

22. Add a splash of colour

Speaking of aesthetics, summer is the time to bring your garden to life through brightly coloured flowers of all shapes and sizes. In fact, a recent survey revealed that planting flowers such as fuchsias, geraniums, hydrangeas and tulips can add value to your home and seal the deal when it comes to putting it on the market! You can also take all of the back-breaking labour out of the planting process with the use of the small seed sower from Wolf Garten.  

23. Set your sundial

A sundial is a worthy addition to any garden, adding a touch of class and nostalgia – as well as a functional timepiece all at once! A little known fact is that June 15th is the day on which its best to set your sundial so that it tells the time all year round. Simply position it so that the shadow points towards noon at midday on this particular date and you’ll never have to wind it up or change the batteries!