10 Amazing Examples of Chainsaw Art

Chainsaws aren’t just for ridding your property of unruly branches or trees – recently, they’ve become the chosen tools for making some pretty incredible artwork. Just the idea of making art with chainsaws is amazing in and of itself, considering just how cumbersome the tool can be. Creating a delicate statue laced with realistic details isn’t an easy feat when using something that’s fuelled by a powerful motor and uses a saw blade.

And yet somehow, chainsaw artistry has emerged, seeing craftsman from all over the world carving awe-inspiring pieces that’ll have you wondering just how they achieved such intricacy without tools the size of needles. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these ten amazing examples.

Picture by Chalkie_CC

This wooden eagle is yet to be finished, but you can already tell how spectacular it will be. The details on the wings alone are incredible, especially when you consider how thin the wood has been carved down to and the eagle’s lifelike motion.

Photo by Hoan Luong

It probably isn’t necessary to point out how stunning the details in this carving are, as you can’t really miss them. The grooves in the owl, the leaves framing it. This piece also combines finished and unfinished wood so that the owl is perched upon a realistic branch. With chainsaw art, it’s all about the details.

Photo by Jim Mullhaupt

Whoever thought chainsaw art couldn’t be adorable has clearly never seen this carving of a smiling baby bear poking out of a log. Consider our hearts sufficiently melted.

Photo by Rachel Kramer

Chainsaw art isn’t just for rustic, mountain environments. Here, this pack of grizzlies has infiltrated a plaza fountain, ridding the pool of its trout population. The artist had to combine a number of pieces in order for this one to really pack a punch, which, when considering the scale, had to have taken an enormous amount of work. The pay-off is well worth it though, as this installation is definitely a show-stopper.

Photo by mbtphoto

These vibrant flamingos took a lot of precision and concentration when you consider just how thin and delicate their necks are. And this little flock goes to show that you can take the carvings that extra step with a bright coat of paint. Passersby will have a hard time ignoring them.

Photo by Rick Obst

Chainsaw carvings aren’t just for statues. This example is one you can admire and use on a daily basis. It’s the perfect addition to a countryside courtyard, whose minute details are unbelievable. The fur on the bear, wolf and deer are positively pet-worthy.

Photo by JanetandPhil

This work of art might not be on the same level as others in terms of details, but when it comes to sheer size, it’s a notch above the rest. This oversized carrot is still rooted into the tree it came from, and would have taken some high-flying carving in order to trim those leaves at the top.

Photo by Rick Obst

Bigfoot is alive and well, at least in the world of chainsaw art. The piece of wood this massive guy had to come from is pretty amazing on its own, and the artist has handled it with serious care. Just imagine all the time that went into carving each tuft of fur. This branch of the art world isn’t for the impatient.

Photo by Rick Obst

It really, honestly, doesn’t get cuter than a mum horse nuzzling her little foal. And don’t even get us started on the almost gravity-defying angle of this sculpture. The perfect placement of these horses heads and muzzle just makes the scene that much more realistic-looking.

Photo by Kristy

Creating human faces in the world of chainsaw art is incredibly challenging and, as a result, not often done. But this artist nailed their rendition of a realistic human face, dismayed though he may look.