5 Tools That Make Gardening A Whole Lot Easier!

Gardening is a great way to reduce stress, relax the mind, and improve your overall wellbeing. But what happens when your garden work becomes so physically draining that it stops being enjoyable anymore? Can you still take pleasure in working on your garden without straining your back or hurting your hands?

The good news is that you definitely can.

Here are five great garden tools that can take on the difficult and exhausting part of gardening to make your work much easier and more satisfying.

Robot Lawnmower

Old-school gardeners would probably advise you that petrol lawnmowers are better and more efficient, however, the advances in technology have greatly improved the performance and battery life of electric lawnmowers and with the environment in mind, these options are much more sustainable.

If you have a small lawn, you can get a cordless lawnmower  if you need more flexibility to work in far areas of your property. But what if you simply don’t have the time to struggle with a lawnmower?

A robot lawnmower is a cordless, automatic machine that can be pre-programmed to maintain your lawn on its own. Yes, just like a robot vacuum, you don’t have to fuss with it.

While these robot lawnmowers are much smaller than their older, bulkier counterparts, some advanced models can actually deal with slopes and tough terrains.

Robot lawnmowers are typically pricier than other lawnmowers, they provide you with valuable time and convenience you wouldn’t normally have with other models. For busy gardeners, having a robot lawnmower allows you to devote your time attending to your vegetable garden or pruning your flowers, rather than doing a repetitive task like mowing the lawn.

Robot lawnmowers are powered by rechargeable batteries while some models are even solar-powered, making them great for people who are conscious about the environment. With solar-powered lawnmowers, you don’t even need to use an electric power source to make it work as it harnesses energy from the sun, which is an infinite renewable energy source.

Using renewable energy like solar power is great for the environment because unlike the gas-guzzling petrol lawnmowers, solar energy doesn’t produce greenhouse gases. You might be surprised to know, however, that the advantages of using renewable energy are not limited to the environment alone. Using a robot lawnmower powered by renewable energy can also save you money in the long term by lowering your power utility bills.

robotic mowers


Handheld Leaf Blower Vacuums

When autumn hits, that means an endless stream of falling leaves. Rather than breaking your back by raking leaves manually, you can get the job done faster and easier by using a leaf blower.

There are many types of leaf blowers available, but if you are a typical homeowner with a medium-sized lawn, yard, or garden, getting a handheld, cordless leaf blower vacuum that runs on a rechargeable battery is a convenient choice.

Unlike the petrol models, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of refuelling equipment and emitting gas odours. It’s as easy as recharging a mobile phone or a Bluetooth speaker. The new cordless models are also lightweight yet are powerful enough to clean up your lawn in no time. Having the vacuum feature also gives you an added feature in cleaning up dirt and debris so you can use it for cleaning up all year round.

Depending on the model you purchase, the time of operation varies. But even the smallest, least advanced model or brand will still do the job better than a manual rake.

leafblower cordless

Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Having the right tools should be a part of your checklist for landscaping your garden. This means making sure that tools are convenient and easy to use, instead of adding to your frustrations and difficulties.

One of the most frustrating things about using garden tools such as a hedge trimmer is having to deal with power cables, especially if you have to reach difficult areas. Many home gardeners find themselves with bulky and heavy hedge trimmers that go unused inside the garage because it is bothersome to take them out and then wrangle with extension cords while using them.

There is also a safety issue involved when using corded hedge trimmers because many people experience cutting through the power cable of their hedge trimmer while using them. These issues can be avoided by getting yourself a cordless hedge trimmer that is battery powered.

The cordless feature gives you the mobility to work on areas in your garden without nearby power supply. These cordless hedge trimmers are also generally more lightweight and more convenient to use. No need to fill in petrol or find a nearby power outlet because you can just recharge it and use it ASAP.

Water Sprinkler

Water sprinklers are not just for golf courses or commercial lawns. Even a home gardener like you can benefit from this amazing tool.

One advantage of having a water sprinkler is the convenience it gives you. You won’t need to walk around, dragging the water hose to ensure that all areas of your garden are adequately getting their daily dose of H2O. This saves you a lot of time and energy so you can dedicate your time to other gardening tasks.

A water sprinkler system will also ensure that your lawn gets even water distribution. When you water manually, some areas tend to get too much water than other areas. It is also normal to miss out some areas. Having an adjustable water sprinkler allows you to effortlessly water your lawn at your required range giving you a better-looking, well-hydrated garden.

Gardening Gloves

Many people underestimate the benefits of a great pair of gardening gloves, thinking that all they do is to keep hands from getting dirty. While that is one of the main advantages of wearing gloves, there are a lot more logical reasons why you should invest in a good pair.

Wearing gloves while gardening can protect you from injury. You must admit that having a broken nail or wounded fingers can definitely put a downer on your gardening hobby so you can avoid this by shielding your hands.

Gloves also offer more mobility and efficiency when gardening. When you wear gloves, you can work faster because your hands are protected. You can also use your tools more swiftly, without worry. This makes gardening more comfortable and efficient – At Lawnmowers Direct we offer an array of safety equipment for all gardening tasks.

On the contrary, working with bare hands typically slows you down as you tend to be more careful about what you touch and how you use your hands.
There are now different types of gloves suitable for the gardening activity you normally perform. You can use all-around gloves that can protect your hands in all types of gardening work while there are also specialised models such as gloves designed for using power tools.

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Using tools to make gardening more efficient

Don’t let manual, repetitive tasks take the enjoyment out of gardening. Maximise your time by using these gardening tools so you can delight in this worthwhile activity once more without the hassle and the back-breaking work.