What Is Lawn Mower Art?

If you’re a gardening enthusiast, chances are you’ve probably heard of garden art before. Chainsaw and hedge shaping are both popular ways for gardening maestros to show off their skills. But now, there’s a new trend on the block: lawn mower art.

And no, this isn’t just the perfectly uniform Wimbledon and Wembley lines we’re talking about. Lawn mower art has become serious business, and is taking form on the lawns of gardening enthusiasts and in the stately gardens of country manors alike.

What Is Lawn Mower Art?

Imagine crop circles on grass and you aren’t far off. Lawn mower art is the process of cutting and rolling a pattern into a lawn using a lawn mower. The designs can range in difficulty, from straight-edged shapes to extremely complex patterns and designs–some professionals can even do portraits!

Where Can You Do It

Where you can give lawn mower art a try for yourself is kind of in its name: on a lawn. If you have a lawn–or know someone willing to let you cut a design into theirs–and a lawn mower handy, you’ll be able to give this art form a try.

There are even specially created competitions for those who take the art of lawn mowing seriously.

How Is It Done?

Again, it’s kind of in the name. Lawn mower art is done by the process of cutting and rolling the grass on your lawn to create a patterned design. By using a suitable lawn mower, you can cut your grass at varying heights and roll the blades in different directions, the result being a designer lawn.

You can even watch a YouTube demonstration, which shows how it’s done by the professionals!

You may never have heard of lawn mower art before today, but just like chainsaw and hedge art, it really is taking the gardening world by storm. Whether purely for personal enjoyment, or to keep the competitive streak between neighbours at bay, more and more mowing enthusiasts are taking on the lawn art challenge.