Learning to Garden Through Youtube: The Top Five Channels

For many gardeners, experienced and amateurs alike, it’s a case of learning on the job. However, if you’re looking to get to grips with the basics of gardening before getting started, learning from others who have experience is a good option. If you don’t know a handy gardener, you may find yourself turning to the internet for help.

There are hundreds of great gardening blogs, such as The Frustrated Gardener, on the web. The problem with blogs is that, sometimes, written instructions and motionless pictures just aren’t self-explanatory enough. Videos are the perfect solution to this problem, as gardening gurus can demonstrate everything step-by-step and instruct as they go.

Youtube is a huge online platform which has all kinds of informative videos freely available to the public at the touch of a button, from ‘how to take cuttings’ to ‘how to build a raised garden bed’–it’s all there at your disposal.

In this blog post, we’ve outlined five of the most popular gardening channels which you can use to educate yourself on your gardening journey.

1. CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY

With more than 175,000 subscribers, CaliKim29’s channel has hundreds of videos on quick, easy and innovative gardening hacks that you can try at home. Whether you want to know how to make compost from grass clippings, or how to reshape your garden bed, you can find all you need on this educational yet fun gardening channel.

2. Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden)

Another popular channel, with more than 180,000 subscribers, is Gary Pularchick (The Rusted Garden). He outlines that the goal of his channel is to ‘create unbiased informative useful garden videos that quickly bring you the information you need to have a healthy, natural and sustainable home vegetable garden’. From tips on how to plant garlic, to a video detailing 45 different tomato plants, there’s plenty to be learnt from Gary.

3. Garden Answer

With over 445,000 subscribers, Garden Answer is a well established gardening channel that offers fun DIY and garden related videos. With gardening hack videos and informative plant type videos alike, this channel is great for those who want to start gardening and also learn about the science behind it.

4. California Gardening

If you’re looking to focus your gardening on the growing of fruits and vegetables, then this channel, with 252,000 subscribers, is the one for you. California Gardening claims to be ‘the best organic gardening channel on YouTube’, so if you’re looking to succeed in growing your own produce, why not take a look?

5. MIgardener

MIgardener, with a subscriber count of 357,000 upload new informative gardening videos to the Youtube platform every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and even offer a free ‘how to grow tomatoes’ E-book. With their regular content uploads, you’ll never run out of new things to turn your hand to in the garden.

All of the channels we’ve mentioned are a great start to get you into gardening, but there are hundreds more available. By combining the information available on this wide variety of channels, you’ll be clued up on the gardening know-how in no time.