Urban Gardening Ideas: Top 7 Plant Types for your Urban Garden

So you spend a lot of time on Pinterest and Instagram, looking at lovely big gardens and bright, colourful plants, or even kitchen gardens that keep a family fed with barely a trip to the supermarket. You look outside to your own garden and see a tiny plot of land, perhaps not even big enough to comfortably home a rabbit.

Living in the city has its downsides.

However, we have a list of urban garden ideas designed to bring some of the countryside into your own outdoor urban space.

Growing plants in a urban garden might seem like an impossible task. For example, you may be worried about the right soil or you just might think your garden is too small. However, with a bit of motivation, some fertiliser, a spade and maybe some wisely recycled containers, you too could have a garden that someone will be jealous of.



These plants are great for gardens with shaded corners. They grow well in moist soil, in slight to deep shade, so we’d recommend planting them at the end of your garden to hide any rough, unsightly patches there may be. They look great as textured underplanting, or even as a compelling focal point.



A vegetable bought in supermarkets sometimes considered exotic – that’s actually quite easy to grow. It takes up little room to grow, and can be grown in the ground (if your soil is suitable) or in a container that’s just over 8 to 9 inches in depth.


Acer are another great plant breed to grow in an urban garden. They are slow at growing and great for smaller gardens as they can be planted in a container and will not need repotting. These plants do well in slight sunshine or partial shade. They take up hardly any space but look great and bring a splash of colour to your garden.

Trachelospermum (Star Jasmine)

To maximise the space in your garden, grow this plant vertically as opposed to horizontally. It’s glossy foliage stays through winter, with the Star Jasmine growing best in full sun or slight shade, but protected against cold, dry winds.


This plant, with its often pleasingly crinkly leaves will be perfect for your garden. If you need a nice, shrubby border they can be grown in as low hedges, growing up to 1.5 metres high. They grow best in partial shade or slight sun.



Spinach loves to be in sun for 6 hours a day, however you can get away with slightly less.

However, it is a good idea to consider putting these types of vegetables on small caddies to be moved around as the sun moves through the day or through the year. Spinach can be a fast growing crop, and growing it in a container will mean you get to the leaves first before a four legged creature gets to them.



Onion grows well either on its own, but also with spinach. Some plants often grow better with a suitable companion. To grow these vegetables, it is a good idea to pot them in a container more than 8 inches deep and as wide as your space allows. Make sure you plant these and fertilise the soil they’re in, both before you plant them and continuously with a water soluble fertiliser to maximise the growth of the crop that you harvest.

So, it’s not so difficult after all to make your garden looking good, and good for growing vegetables. For your urban gardening ideas, why not consider planting a few of these to start with and see how you get on, maybe next year your garden will be in full bloom, giving those with a bigger garden a run for their money.

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