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    Bollé Safety is a globally-renowned and market leading eyewear and helmet manufacturer backed by more than 130 years of innovation. From humble beginnings in Oyannax, France in 1888, Bollé Safety is now distributed in over 90 countries, with over 15 million workers choosing Bollé’s protective eyewear to get the job done.

    The company has been at the forefront of new technology development for its entire existence. It was an early adopter of celluloid in its first 50 years, before launching its first sunglasses in 1936 and becoming a pioneer of molded nylon. In the post-war years, Bollé Safety launched its first goggles and masks, charting a new direction for this established manufacturer.

    Buoyed by a long history of innovation and technical excellence, Bollé has also worked alongside the French Army, Navy and Aerospace organisations to develop the highest standard for safety gear.

    Today, the company benefits from an independent worldwide distribution network, a well-earned reputation as a world-class brand and the continued innovation of its design team. For your protective eyewear needs, Bollé Safety is a name you can trust.